Sunday, March 21, 2021

What is right and what is wrong?

It is about a grubby bearded man. He entered the supermarket with dark shades hanging loosely on his already loosely hung curly hair which half-covered his ears. The grey Tee fitted him badly and the jogger pants screamed out declaring a bad fit. But appearances can deceive.

He then picked only a small packet of bananas and rushed to the billing counter. He had to fall in a queue there. He yelled at the security in-charge. His argument on why he should fall behind someone in the queue while he had only one vegetable bag and someone had a basket full. Well, the security man calmly explained some rules to this man in vain. While most around scoffed and squinted and beat foreheads he smiled profusely and continued with his neatly designed argument.

 And soon enough walked a lady with another packet of fruits. The man now turned his attention to her and argued with the security, she was pregnant, and she must not stand in the queue. So, be it. He got his way for the pregnant woman but waited for his turn in the queue. Few people around were petrified with his decibels and gestures.

He was loud, not rude. He was challenging, not quarreling. He had a point. Very much valid. Diplomatic relations in a supermarket.  Was he wrong? Was he right? Either he was both or he was right.

We are like this only!!  Rules stay as long as we are benefitted, else we debate. Should someone not have made way for him, breaking the stereotypes? What if he was not a “woman” crying out empathy? Why did not the pregnant woman help him in turn? Life is made up of such circumstances. Every day we encounter some situation where we seem right and wrong both! It is difficult to please everyone. It is also impossible to sometimes not break rules but also nice to break rules. This is life.

The grey shirt man challenged a rule. He was not selfish. And most times, we are not wrong yet not right or vice-versa and we remain inconclusive.  While rules are made for life, life is not a rule. We rule our lives. But what can we do about this diplomacy! We are like this only!



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