Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Have you taken that step ahead?

January 12th is the National Youth Day in India. As well as Swami Vivekananda Jayanthi. Not to forget he was the key figure in introducing the Indian philosophies, yoga to the western world.

He taught complex philosophies of life in simple words.

On this day, sharing with you all the birth of the story of Akash. The protagonist of my story kismet (destiny), my first novel. A youth, tenderfoot's journey through serendipity is what it is all about. What steps Akash takes in his life and how the stories connected have a profound influence on our futuristic society.

The book has been launched. Whether I call it a success or just an outcome of several failures, I simply call it a part of my journey. For, I shall not stop writing or blogging. Yes, however, now I carry the responsibility of writing that can have a positive influence on the people who read me.

The entire journey has seen storms enormous. Needless to say, the first-timer has to go through struggles. So I did. Not to go through all those details (as of now), finally I found my way. Being an NRI and residing in Qatar, publishing in India is the challenge I have accepted and executed. 

Now, here in Qatar, my folks have poured in questions on me. What was that driving force for you to author a fiction novel from Qatar! The answer was simple. This was my childhood dream, which I cornered calling it silly. It was only my granddad with whom I had revealed and he had simply told me to chase my dreams. Do what you wish to! Today he is surely smiling from the heavens because I finally fueled my dreams and achieved them with the love from my entire family, husband, children parents, siblings, and my friend Anupama Rao, standing beside me.

Last week, as I stood holding my book during the launch event, the media person told me "you are inspiring". I said I have just taken another step ahead. And that has made the difference. 

Have you all taken that step ahead?  Do you feel you cant? Do you feel silly? Do you feel it is not important to chase your dreams? Whatever is your field, whatever is your open eyes dream, live it.

Let me tell you, feeling accomplished leaves you satisfied and successful. When you are happy, you keep people around you happy. I must say, If you have not yet taken that extra step, do it now.

If you want to be successful do not read success stories. It will only give you a message.

Read stories of failure. You will get more ideas towards success - Told Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam 

And so, I keep reading my own failures and pushing myself for more. Like Swami Vivekananda preached and practiced, we are the creators of our Kismet!

- Sushma