Friday, January 22, 2021

Forward The Message If It Spreads Love

Good Morning friends,

While we all want to wake up to a nice morning, sometimes it is just the opposite that happens. I too woke up one morning to horrid news. But soon, had to drag my mind out of the agony and stretch back to the routine and normal. And you never know, what may cheer you up! It could actually be those Good Morning messages on the green app that we most often read out very casually!

Most of us wake up winking to the green app and sometimes find positive good morning messages. I too wake up to a few like that, though I am not the person that will forward any of them.  Sometimes, I do not view all of them. As for me, the moment I click to open the app in the morning, messages pop out like random things from my handbag. Stuff simply shower, surprising me. And I am left rubbing index finger on the screen, deciding which ones to read first, or simply sort in in order!

But, there are two people. I read their good morning message. One is my mother who sends pictures of her floral garden. Another is my neighbor in Mangalore. Let's call her Auntie X. Our bonding is unique. She has grandchildren, but we are best friends despite our age difference. We can laugh and cry together.

And, I simply do not miss her good morning message. Many a time, the messages touch up exactly on what I need. It is just a casual affair yet effective to the core.

Few days ago, I woke up to this horrid news. My friend lost his brother to corona, after fighting for 45 days. This left me lost and sluggish the entire day. Earlier, if I heard such news in the media, the heartache was different. This time the strike was different. A dear friend! Simply thinking about them exhausted all my positive energy. 

But as is the norm, was there a solution to this Covid fear? We have to live with it and go with it. And I realized, I had missed Auntie X's message. Grabbing my phone, looking for it, and found this one today. So apt. The Foundation of life is love. And if love and positivity could simply erase all negativity in this world. This world is a place where money and power speak. So, why not spread little love ourselves. Why not forward this message, by saying good morning to everybody. 

You never know, it might actually lift someone's spirits one day.

It will, definitely will. So, forward that message.