Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Let's Talk


Post -1 -Blogathon

 Greetings dear readers

A few months have rolled by now since I blogged. The lockdown too is phasing out now in Doha. The city is opening to be as before, in phases. But we have been glued to  "COVID anxiety" and yet to open up completely.

And this morning, I simply wrapped up in a warm blanket decided, I will do up a "Blog marathon". The reason for this again is, that, of late when  I did not blog, many friends have come up saying " you have not written anything recently". 

One said we loved to read about your trips. Another liked the monkey tricks of my son that I ranted about. A few more were curious whatever happened to my sarcastic or the humour posts. It so happens that whenever I pen down a conversational narrative or a routine anecdote, friends often relate to it. Most times, when I meet a friend at a party, someone would be talking about a post that I probably had written a year ago and could not place it from the points the friend remembered.

But it is a heartfelt love that leaves me elated.

Overall, with so much love showered upon me, I feel blessed and grateful to you all.

In the next few days, I will write every day. On what I see, feel in life. 

So, Let's talk.

Well, so here I go. This morning, I sat down to prepare this collage above here, and post it on my social media pages. 

Now, I have three reasons to do that.

1) I often write random lines and link them up with my favourite pictures. 

2) Being stuck to the "Stay home" exile, I decide to haul my archives and unearthed the favourite pictures from my solo trip to Pondicherry.

3) Yes, so I adore the "sea vibes". The picture makes me nostalgic.

Besides, sometimes, I stick my nose to the window at my residence, to notice the different variety of activities happening in my garden patch. Few tiny sparrows wandering for water and some feed. I ensure I keep ample out there outside the windows. Few mynahs that apparently lost their way. And most times this brown fellow in the picture here, who clinches his body to the cold glass that perhaps is soothing in the hot summer. 

The picture justifies how he must have felt when I left a bowl of milk for him. Am not a cat lover and unfortunately do not feed them generally. In fact, every day, I find the cat sly around in the garden patch in wait for the sparrows and pounce on them perfectly. Perfect prey that its paws manage to deal with. I sulk watching this. And my daughter grumbles it is the rule of nature and advises me to go do my work and leave the cat alone.

The question is how much work? I have been missing the outings like all of you and was looking for entertainment right at the window. Even the idiot box doesn't allure me anymore having ticked all the Netflix movies.

And today, we in Doha, have crawled out of our homes to take some long drives, creep up to the seashore for a fresh feel and many have enjoyed the mall outings. 

Friends, remember we are not "marked 100% safe or out of the COVID danger" and hence remember to take your precautions. Hygiene habits. Wearing the masks and to counter small flu symptoms with home remedies.

Let us hope the new season of 2020, called not summer or winter but "COVID" ends fast and we all return back to our "real/physical" world and clear off the virtual life we are leading.

Love to all.