Saturday, November 09, 2019

Why Pondy

Almost 16 months after my solo travel to a place called Pondicherry in India, I have been asked this question "Why Pondy"? several times. Why not London, Maldives or Thailand?Most or many asked me this or such.

As a matter of fact, I did not single out on this destination until I got to hear about the Auroville. I had read this book "Auroville, A Test Run For Future" by Anuradha Majumdar. And a curiosity to explore this town finally pulled me on the various sites of airlines. 
Her stories had left vivid pictures in my mind, most ending with question marks. Majumdar is sure an excellent writer where her details and descriptions leave absolute solid pictures of motion in my mind.

Secondly, the oceans have always beckoned my spirituality and creativity by it's best. In my earlier post, I had written about my experience in the town. A few of the pending pictures are here today. And also the reason, Why Pondy. Simple I wanted to travel with myself once, I had always wanted. And I found all that I wanted in Pondy. The meditation center and the ocean view room.

It is when you travel with yourself, you get the answer to many of the "whys" you hold with you. Simple things are life's zest. We say. But I ask, how many of you have felt it often?
In the hustle bustle of our rapid random routines, have you technically  realized that one small thing evokes a notable change in you or even such a small "thing" is hard to achieve at all. Understanding simpler matter is most complicated challenge for the intellectual human species. 

Well, the point here is, my travel simply gave me that void. Simply that. Aesthetics that pitched on to my mind directly. Nothing more complicated. Neither have I turned monk out of my spiritual best nor did I swim in two piece in the ocean. I have touched the fair lines of life, with another angle, with another pair of glasses my eyes never perceived.

That is it, friends, it is only a small anecdote from my life forming a mammoth wave of life.