Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Conversation With My Nostalgic Deepawali

Like it all just began much before the dawn
while a layer of dark awaited hastily for the
curtains of day light to be raised, for a special day

like how my family assembled outdoors
for a herb flavoured oil massage, while
the charcoal and copper aromatic water felt rejuvenating

like little rabbits, we children and adults had the holy bath
lit several oil diyas, folded hands before the supreme
and settled in for the preparation, festival of lights

like, of days when the satellite reach was limited
social plug ins being "meeting and greeting" each other
festivity vibes connected entire town, by hugs, smiles and warmth

like the times we kids settled by the doorsteps
boxes filled with colourful crackers and poppers
very air of the town felt the vibes, the sounds of the crackers

like there was no stopping, by the dusk
the colourful sparklers would grace the sky
children's laughter were heard far away across many houses

like the best festivity spirits flickered, everyone showed up
with colourful outfits, authentic food and infectious love
the festive vibes united us, sculptured us into a pure human

like those days of the Deepawali, our childhood saw
are there any today? hard to match the past
for now, the vibes are passed on "online" alas!

like it all happened then, it may not happen now
yet we cleanse our energies, our nestles
we still dress up,  pray, eat and meet people

like it all happened then, it may not happen now
the crackers box shrunken, skies darker
love sprawls on the social plug ins only online

yet , it is the festival. It is all here.
We still follow all the practices, we pray
only  the times have switched faces.

Happy Deepawali everyone.