Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Hollow

Two little eyes sparkled and
stared from the hollow
eyelids blinked in resonance
with the winter evening breeze

crawling out from the hollow
wee, came the little figure, down the slide
both tiny hands clutched on to her long black gown
sliding slow as snail, expectant eyes

wee, and down, stomping on the sand
swooshing few in air , two little foot walked
rubbing a pinch of dust off the eyes
the figure stopped moving

and out reached two big hands stroking her head
fed her expensive cookies and colourful juices
but little anxious eyes wandered
seeking something not mysterious

little eyelids blinked more now
in resonance with a flickering smile
as another little figure that lingered around
with bright florescent yellow jersey dress

"can we play together"..gleefully
made another little figure
hollow in the eyes of little figure filled up
as her lips carved out the best smile.

P.S. - I take my son outdoors playing. This poetry was written quickly during one such visit. Playing in groups is a rare scene these days. Our children are enjoying the urban play pens with parents right on their back.
Many times I notice few kids being reined in, with set of instructions.
Let them free. Let them play  with other children. in full glee and spree.