Friday, May 04, 2018

Like It Or Not

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Honestly I do not need a reason to write. I manage to find a topic. So this one almost goes like a semi rant post may be if that term exists but themed on something. You figure it out. I can crib on anything and at times wait to see who would read it at all and at times go in hideout, scared why would someone read it too.

Don't we always look back with fond love as we move ahead in life. We tend to look back at the path that lead us, at some nostalgic memories, people we encountered, places we lived in and many more things.

Today, I experienced a similar thing. I had begun my blogging journey in the year 2010. (though many posts are taken off the site for a reason now). And like we attend a school, I too was inclined to blogger platform then. The Indiblogger. Fostering most bloggers. Am sure  many writers began their journey here like me. For the past 4 years I had been off the platform, though I posed few stuff on my blog off and on and also visited Indiblogger in brief.

I adhere to my old school  methods. Last evening, I visited the site rather leisurely, and tried to look for most old faces, old bloggers I read. Found a few. Lost few. Few results showed not found/ error.
And a few had stopped posting after 2016 or so too.

I somehow felt creepy. As if I missed a train. 

Now, few days back my old apprentice, as we met in a forum, welcomed me there by saying 'Blogger lady is back". In an attempt not to show my thrill, I smiled and responded easily "you remember this from like 4 plus years". And another friend around praised him for his elephant memory.

Nevertheless, I kept pondering. Why do people remember other people. Definitely they like something in them. And if you have to be liked, you sure have been sending out positive friendly vibes. Also, why would someone remember a blogger? I thought it was something that put people off. No? You blog? And their mind is a puddle like " she blogs lol" and someone went to the extent of saying "anybody can write". So it was clear. huh. Like, is there something you actually do?. Hey, listen, I just love writing okay. And I run too. I am a speaker too. Now. Yes.

So I stuck to my couch, with the itch to write again. Like an analysis of what I was thinking.

Like I said earlier, I do not need a reason  to start writing. To me writing is a learning. Baby step each day, is what keeps me  going. 

In one of the recent Toastmasters meetings, we discussed Likability. It was brought forth by a person whom I love and look upon always. Not the Facebook  likes alone. But serious one. Many agreed that being likable is something you can aim at and few decided to remain confused and few like me gave it a negative nod. I was even frightened to know there is a whole book on how to be likable. Now, the entire subject is a loop. While the term likable itself is too generic. Going by the 11 laws of likability in the book, it is clear that we need to be straight and genuine and so on. It no where says we need to try to please people.
Yes, being likable here becomes a tough question again. No matter how genuine and good you are, at times there are numerous people who "chose" not to like you. And there is no reason for this.  It is freedom of expression. May be another book can be written on this too.

When this happens, you just need to log out of those thoughts and log into positive ones. And continue being genuine.

Keep yourself surrounded by everybody you love. Give your love and your sure will receive some in return.

Now, my nice readers,  keep the company of good thoughts.  Good things will automatically happen to you.

There's cute number by Madonna. Try listening to this on YouTube. Meanwhile here is a part of the lyrics. Like me or hate me, she says:
You can call me a sinner
Or you can call me a saint
Celebrate me for who I am
Dislike me for what I ain't
Put me up on a pedestal
Or drag me down in the dirt
Sticks and stones will break my bones
But your names will never hurt
This is who I am
You can like it or not
You can love me
Or leave me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop
No no, you know
No no, you know