Monday, March 05, 2018


I lost someone very close to heart and she left this world with regrets. Regrets that only time could fulfill. How could we learn from it? I have no clue. That is what we know as fate.

The eternal fact that death embraces us all the same way never ceases to surprise us why how and when can it approach us though. We all lose someone or the other close to our heart to the heavens. Apparently, only when we lose does it strike too hard on us. We often forget to be aware of health or we are too fussy about it. But who can outdo destiny?  Fate is that wretched word that can shatter our lives, that can be your lessons too.


Earth was as much yours as mine
we embraced this life with warmth
till your ascend across the rainbows
from the green and browns to the blues

 our connecting chords seem to fade
I can no longer see or, hear you
hence my eyes closed
in search of your transcend into my thoughts

we talked and laughed,
like re-living the past
now I could see my fragile future
your regrets turned into pages of my lessons

I blinked open my eyes, and you are gone.
realization grabbed that blink
where are you, along the vague chords?
reaching up the high blue spread

the earth is as yours as mine
I reside here now, alone
while your turn ended
just here and you are gone.....