Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Defying Silence

While the dawn is sprawling up in the sky
sun ambitiously, delicately climbing up, to
decorate the horizon in multiple hues of red

while random small waves  authoritatively
guided the early birds to their prey,
tiny ripples hurriedly lapped at the shore

while winter wind found the boulders
for shelter, few sands and greens to fancy
most swimming ducks seemed peaceful

while the only cruises that moved far on
ferried the fishermen and their cast
few happy sea-gulls dived for food

while coyish sun cheated on much
foggy, frosty winter is a keeper
days were shrinking for dark long nights

while seated on the cold beach chair
in company of my thoughts
I listened to noisy silence of life 

apparent chaos in the routines
I seek silence from heart within
then wait, wait to reach a moment

while revering that moment
of silence and solitude
I attend to the noise inside me

while staring deep into a void
placing myself in the bosom of the cosmos
refilling mind with abundant of nature's love

while unwinding  for life-like
mammoth puzzling treasure
I embrace a tantalizing, Defying Silence