Friday, December 22, 2017

From The White Pages

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One of life’s ironical philosophies is – “If we began believing and following all the philosophies, from the white pages, we would be scholars by age 18”. Certain things in life come by experience, either yours or another’s. I have mentioned this earlier in a piece posted in march 2017 on festival Holi.
Experience, in turn comes by our own intention and attitude towards hard work, learning and growing.  Somewhere the attitude towards life is a mistaken truth. And truth is a bitch too. This world is a perplexing imperfect piece of puzzle and life a biggest wonder. While we have millions of aims in our life, zillions of goals,  most of us begin our win and lose in life by competing!
Competing in life becomes healthy automatically when we realize the priorities of the goals.
We human species are the most intelligent species yet we seldom treat ourselves with most social niceties.

My last week's break fast at the south Indian restaurant was a big pain. I was appalled witnessing behavior of  well dressed man in the next table, give out rude instructions and loud criticizes to the waiter. Had been a while since I witnessed such a scene. But no, we ought to prove with time we are truly fit to be labelled bloody Indians. We know that the waiters are fools and in order to show how strong we are we ought to shower all our strength on them for no reason at times!

Plentiful folks out on the streets are still spitting on roads/walls, throw garbage on roads, having high-decibel mobile phone conversations but turn into model citizens when under scrutiny of known folks. The bloody soul inside me wakes up when I see orange peels and milk tetra packs in the play pen for kids, and I start picking them immediately.
Heard from a friend here in Doha, how a person was fined for spitting out of his car. Not just a fine!! He was showed videos  about cleanliness in the police station, stranded for hours, chided by police saying he was embarrassed to collect fine from such shameless person. Am sure it is impossible in the big India yet one Rajanikanth episode was what I could imagine in the police uniform playing out hefty hyperbolic dialogues.
We are always in tremendous hurry to get anywhere. Be it a shopping, a holiday, a dinner or any outing. Yet, seldom on time. We are the ones that are obsessive about queues. Folks love performing jigs with their elbows in the queue. Jostling, mumbling and shaking all over. Somewhere, we have engulfed our etiquette with traits to be called that bloody Indian though we have all capability to be proud Indians only.

The moment our plane touches down for landing, we spring out of our seats. yank down our baggage from overheard compartments and even before the aircraft can come to a halt, we have started stretching our neck towards the exit. Disembarking the plane is such a pain. We would love to jump down like Akshay Kumar if we were allowed to.
Waiting anywhere is not our cup of tea at all. Be it anywhere. At any air port, moment we have to wait we forget to zip our lips.
Why, we are in absolute rush to provoke verbal hassles with airline staff everywhere hoping they go apeshit in no time. And finally when they are induced with our verbal venom, we can happily post several videos of them misbehaving with ordinary passengers and accuse them of bullying like a bloody Indian. Or, if it was the case of cricketer Harbhajan Singh who reportedly accused a White pilot who physically abused a handicapped man on board, then we have called the pilot a crook for he used the term bloody Indian. (Now I do not intend to endorse the behavior of airline staff at all. Only a possible side of the coin perhaps is what I tried to look at).

Who won the game here? It's atrocious on mankind. There is no competition. Being polite is a curse! We are all smart now with smart phones in hand. Too smart to even think with our first and second sense or the most common form of sense. 

 Again, in sarcastic hush, we are the true spirited are we? Or at least with a hard-spine?  We are  pretty much short sighted in correcting our erroneous etiquette, yet in a competition to turn best in life. Whatsoever is the field. What on earth are competing for? We have lost an attitude in the course. 

Attitude is an inner voice. It is just another word in dictionary but a rulebook for life.
Things change when attitudes change. We ought to know, where we are heading. Are we competing actually against nothing?

Being a perfect social animal is not a myth. This comes by practicing life skills, gaining our experience , not by mere philosophy from the white pages!,
 – S0 says the white pages nevertheless!