Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Converses With Pain

You know it, you unsought 
unasked unwelcome emotion, 
you are most disgusting aren't you?
troubling a peace mongering living soul
is what you are known for after all?

you are a treacherous beast
I mused until a moment now
only when I decided to fight you
with my will, love faith all in queue

I resolve, you rather stay close to me
along as long  you define thee
how you articulate my emotions
grow along, my will and you abreast

as I ascend thousand  green brambles
watched, laughed, by unreachable pink roses
hearing faint deep voices so familiar 
may be echoing from a distance

ironically prescribing faith, peace
you do complete my lost part to full
awakening my lost hopes  a cure
apparently, you do care for sure

 I appeal, you are fine,  nested close to me
foster my inner voice to a threshold 
so unaware of my own dreams, 
prick me yet pat my back, 
entrusting me in my whole soul, my realms
- Sush