Friday, September 08, 2017

Converses With My Little Voices

PC - Anu. it began, when some silent whispers screamed,
 from my heart's secrets, unguarded by the  brain
which apparently showed up soon enough
when I fell in  the ecstatic company of the clouds

how many thousands of moments I have lived
each day, by the side of loved ones
how many errands accomplished
holding hands of those that matter

yet, why, scratches like instances of emptiness?
the fear, if I had lived those moments at all?
experiences of every fraction of second of past
that still rejuvenate my nervous make up

my interactions with sea of people, that left
the  bits of profound lessons, interesting marks
lovely images of life, in the album of my memory..
leaving me immersed in those moments again through these words

cuddled in among all these, was a poignant moment
like a bubble reflecting the rainbow colours
flying in the direction away from 'my' wind
adorable golden pearls of times, that I had lived only once

bubble formed by eternity of love
bonding of strength, love, life and laughter
I got to live it once and let go
leaving me elated in life

how, my experience, hard and lazy work, compromises,
all sculptured and craved out a prominent shape to my life
with beautiful, good or bad times of past, but,
I was yet to lead myself to the next

The future, the dreams that I am expected to live too,
got me a sweeter appointment with my deeper within
for a tete-a-tete , confabbing about gray zone of my heart
Conversing with my little voices, what they want to be....