Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dear Night's Dream

"shedding off the day's tiredness, I can't keep
crashing on, diving into layers of  blanket deep
locking away my mind in the treasury of sleep

just then do you delve, you dream?
sprawling onto corners of my mind's realm
slicing up treasury into parallel journey to seem

calm and alluring, sometimes beating devilish drum
colourfully nice or triggered by your naughty tantrum
your vivid ways! but those keepsake ones a handful some

the morning rays of the red ball failing to shake you off
at those shrill alarms of the clock you scoff
pray, you stay along if you can make me, only laugh

you manage to accomplish your loot
leaving my treasury hollow, so acute
sleep deprived! my restlessness to you I impute 

my mind carries a sign board none
do not disturb the body in sleeping zone
dear dream, I have no clue, you are a welcome guest or to begone? "