Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Re-Sorting

Do you beat your legs and scream under your shower, when you do not hear from your inner voices anymore? It's like a state of threshold that holds your body away from your inner voice and only submerged in your frenzy routines. Routines today are much faster than those years of our childhood. We have turned smart.

Like, we have turned into e-humans. Haven't we?

But our soul needs the re-sorting that the smart world cannot provide. 

When we are almost going crazy with out rat race routines and want to feed our body some solitude and rest, feed our soul some spiritual intimacy, we look out for that weekend gateway for the much required break.

Sea Line Beach Resort in Doha is that popular hide away, the heaven on earth, for we Qatar residents to hog on some freshness and get away from the smart world.

The vast sea is the best place to reward your soul and wash your sins off those perplexing routines. There is always something in a sea that I see. Most do. Do you see too? It's the stretch that sharpens our positivity. It's the charm that gets the romantic galore in us. And you end up devouring the entire sea with your naked eyes.

Each step you take in life decides who you are.
Step off the negativity.

A well organised hotel room just does the job of arranging your spirits that fled from the homes beckoning more routines. A perfect view of sea from the room, frequent chirps of the sparrow and the fresh winter bloom. Such an aura works effortlessly as cleansing of the soul and mind. 
When you are all alone, on that beach reclining chair admiring the myriad colours of the sea, playfully lapping at the shore. The waves seem to mischievously run towards you for a moment and pull away. The excitement just chills down your spine. You are at the mercy of the sea, the sands and the fresh air. Make the most of it and get on the do nothing mode. Your body is not made for such abuses called 'no rest routines". Nor is your mind.

A day well spent doing nothing.  But it's this nothing that is everything sometimes.

Absolutely one such visit to the resort, a day's stay doing nothing, and the following day, I was feeling stressful to leave the peaceful destiny. Stress is a bitch. 

My mind refused to leave the room. But my wallet wanted to.

The resort visit was my genuine birthday gift. No big plans. And it was a gift after a gift. The birthday that was celebrated a day before. We had celebrated with no friends. Only us, a cake and a lovely gift. Only the murmurs of the family inside the house.There was peace in silence. What a celebration it was. Wow is much less a word.

Simple things teach you real life
Small pleasures fill up voids
Little laughter, silly and all
                                                     The best birthday ever, it was

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