Friday, January 08, 2016

Animated Birthday My Dear Blog

In the whirlwind of blogging experience, I have dealt with a humongous learning path. 

The shrill alarm of my memory rang too hard and I hit my laptop without hesitating to abandon my dinner fixing half way. Now what is it all about? Just before one could say R.I.P to my dear blog " ", for being idle quite long, I realized I had completely forgotten my blog's 5th birthday too! It was in October of 2015. It has been five years since I plunged headlong into blogging and ranting. 

In recent one year I have been completely drowned in activities with my two kids but now it was about time, I showed some justice to my beloved blog who's been my best and silent friend all time. She listens to all my woes and happy stories. Moreover, she would not receive birthday wishes on Facebook unless she was set on birthday reminder. Here, I rejoice her birthday. She turned five silently and has been growing well all these years. My learning path has ascended right upward too with my blog. A quench for learning is what keeps an human a human.

Past year has seen me turn into a child with my two. While one is maturing into a fine teenager soon, other one is turning into a naughty toddler from his innocent infancy. I can simultaneously juggle a ball for one and do some math for the other. I can "meow" or bark very well to entertain one, while I can't call the other a monkey for a monkey trick of hers. This just does not go so well with my child hood. I was called a monkey if I jumped over a table.

Looking back, down the memory of childhood labyrinth, you know what you end up with, when those frenzy thoughts clutter your mind. A  first hand sieving of those got me this fine, that I began to see through my minds eye. There is an animal inside all of us and there is a soul inside every naked animal like we intellectual creatures walking upright with the most expensive apparels. We tend to relate to animal behavior and yet see those humane love in eyes of a dog. But yes, the garbage of thoughts began blowing trumpet when I turned a child with my very own. 

Even as I was in class 5, my grand mom conveniently chided me “Don’t jump like a monkey”. We all evolved from the generation of apes. So we are. I convinced myself. But I had vivid encounters bringing out a different” animal” inside me. Monkeying around is our birth right at early childhood. For me too. Soon by age 10 I graduated into a full fledged “Donkey”. At home, school, it was common to listen to “you donkey, do it properly”. Donkey is hardworking animal, so am I. 

During the times of primary education, being talkative was my passion. Often I was found caught by teachers saying “All time yapping like a crow”. Treacherous. Crow is black. Am so fair and lovely. Crow caws, /but I have learnt carnatic music. I told in my mind.
I have been an athlete. During those inter school competitions, I often loved hearing praises. Some would go to extent to say “vow you are the cheetah of our school, come on”. Cheet- aahh. 

In due course, I was in class 12. It was ritual to take extra coaching outside school, but, I did not want them. I was hard working donkey. But with my aim for  100 upon 100 in math, came advises to take extra coaching for the subject. Time was fixed. 3pm to 4.30pm. Our math teacher would dictate  “cos teta into tan teta…....” and enjoy his cat naps”. In the  very beginning, we (me and my batch mates) did not know if to disturb him, we would wait for him to wake up. And when he did, it was me in the front, clock on my head. He fumed at me “Did you finish? Why have you settled in like a python on the chair”. I was shouting in my mind “same to you”. But “python”, oh another hidden animal inside me. Unique. Hidden talents we know, but hidden animal! It all does not end there. Even after I reached home hungry there were more animal tales. When I ate, I ate as fast as I can as if food would run out of my plate. My uncle often commented” hungry wolf hnaa” eat baby eat”. Does that imply, I was a baby wolf? Now I expect my uncle to answer this today. 

Today, after years, when I feed my infant, I try all kinds of funny animated noises honouring all the hidden animal inside me. Bow wow, see the ducky quack quack…and so on. When nothing works, I occasionally try a  “meow”. My older one finally commented” Amma please, you sound like spooky jungle cat, to me”. She and her vocabulary both take me at gun point. Jungle cat. Phew. Well, some things never change, I declared to my heart laughing at me.  I still have faith in few good friends who type in beautiful comments on my FaceBook. And I voe to make more of such friends who call me a Bollywood actress nargis. Every one needs a change. I need too.

We all have evolved into the most intellectual creature on earth, lets live to it  honouring all hidden talent inside us positively. Man has evolved over billion of years from ape. A continuous learning has brought in the most sophisticated version of human today from within us. The ultimate destiny of we human race is driven by science, technology and power of human quench for continuous learning. As I always say, learning happens from the womb till the tomb.

So here's wishing my dear blog a "Quacky Quacky BirthDay".
 Bring out the child in you, animal in you or whatever. But keep learning.