Tuesday, August 04, 2015

N - Factor

Sometimes, Black and White can be the best of clolours in life.

There's me again looking for some "N" factor through a lens

There's always a "N" factor, we try to figure out. Right from school math to the life's toughest decisions.
The result however in life, is never wrong. Value addition to the "N" factor happens to be directly proportional to our positivism.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Branching Talks

Crawling to the sun, touches the border,
Passed attempt, the branch, in order,
Thanks for warmth, friendship much older.

Whispers to the waves visiting the boulder,
Talk to me, the unsaid word & another,
Drop  the weight off your shoulder.

Growing with the rock and boulder,
Relishing sunshine, rains or wind colder,
Shooting high, standing tall and wider.

Shining example to man, a manner,
He who laments for troubles, no sooner,
Learning, wisdom, priceless, tree the stronger.