Sunday, November 30, 2014

If You Clean Your Ass, Clean Your Surrounding Too

"Keep your surroundings clean"- was just the lesson number 5 in science text books of primary school, till the 56" wide chest Prime Minister of India awakened the sleeping India to wake up from the dirty slumber and clean our surroundings in actual!

This is India. Now it is safe to toss your trash on the supposedly called roads. It is safe to pee or poop in those bushes for the germs to survive and thrive. India has huge human population so do the germs. It's liberating and freedom. It is also safe to clear your throat and cough out the residual on the street. We are at our disposal to clean our car and flush the stagnant water in public for the mosquitoes to flourish. And we are named bloody Indians for this. Let's remember!

What a marvel nation we have turned. After the perfect independence decades ago, we turned completely independent and free enough to puke, pee and dirty our own surrounding. While the school teacher yells at the top of her voice on value education, health and hygiene, it is restricted to inside the examination hall. We are free to dirty our surrounding in the outside. Education from text books is a ritual. 

There goes a saying in most vernacular like in hindi " Jaisa Raja vaisa praja", which clearly lauds the leader who leads us is how the followers are. So do we observe too the randomness in the earlier decades and the discipline in the past hardly an year. Work towards cleaner India is the mantra our new leader has given us and so should be our actions focused on to. There are places that need cleaning, people who deserve your attention and authorities who need to hear your opinions.

You or me have never bothered to perhaps question or request the relevant authorities as to why the public trash bins are not placed in several areas or never emptied even if placed. One of the worst disasters called waste management. A call to recall. When you see that man spitting on road, try pricking his ass and remind him you could do the same like he did, but this time on his ass. 
We know that raising our voice against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Shall we spur and pledge to work towards a #SwachBharat ?

"The art of medicine consists of amusing a patient while the nature cures a disease"-Anonymous

If you clean your ass every morning take the courage to kick his ass whom you see littering the public area. Keep the clean thoughts to preserve your nature. Here's today's youth that challenge the challenge! That is exactly how Montu clears  his voice and shouts out too. This post is written for the campaign as well as Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter joining in hands with Indiblogger

Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.