Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life's True Mime

Strong like any Banyan
Deep like that Ocean
Are beckoning  his two stretched out arms
Rising her heart’s alarms

Surrendering right then and there
Love is all in the air
With foreheads meeting to rest
Heavy, with thoughts best

Enchanting and magnetic is the moment
When into those arms she went
Life’s agony flew off the vent
Life. An eternity of life, it meant.

So it was him, her  messenger of love
And her heaven flew into her, like a feathery dove
And his stretched out arms checked her in
Locked them up, breaths held and her raised chin

With a faint smile, that was her ornament
They captivated that moment
With his enormously possessive embrace
They feasted on that moment, face to face.

While, the clock simply ticks on forever
That moment grows on him and her.

A Time
Life’s true Mime

And, twelve, struck the clock
…...she fled, off her time lock
Into her world of cinders
Ella, dreams yet of wonders.