Monday, December 17, 2012

Stop-See, Little Girl's Glamour

This isn't first time I go on with  my prefect "mommy philosophy" after I wrote "Thank Her Why's, "Mamma I am Rapunzel, Barbie and the Pink and many more.
Introducing another "avatar" of my little one who is not that little for the world though. She can dress on her own, do her hair, dance in front of mirrors for hours. So much so that I at times need to imitate her school teacher yelling at student calling out her full name- like a roll call in the morning class! And then a faint''oh did you call me?" will be the meek response.
Besides, her wardrobe is sure a mesmerizing exhibition piece that I can turn on to show my guests when there isn't much to talk.

I have some great friends who help me out with ideas pouring on how to keep this busy mind going in holidays. She can shoot questions on me aiming the rifle right over my head, and at times be lost in her cozy play world with a new apparel every hour, a different handbag, some branded sun glasses that her dad bothers to pick for her. Neither is my dog not is her toy "Minnie Mouse" spared when it comes to "dressing up".

Winter's all on its prowl and the school declaring its holiday, I thanked Indiblogger for introducing this mind blowing contest. Apart from the real shopping, I let my little one- "J"  into a virtual shopping tour to fix up some real real goody woody thingies as she calls them. Feel pretty, happy, and nice.
With few clicks away from her fantasy world as my girl entered her virtual shopping tour into here is J's version in her words. STOP. For her  perfect look strategy.

I love this top for its colour and my favourite character's name being on it. Wow, Barbie. The skirt is in a delightful shade of pink with floral design. I love mini skirts. I have mad craze for handbags and so does my wardrobe. This little handbag is just perfect for I love this thingy.  Choosing one pair of sandals is like a life times job for me. This pink sandal is apt for me this winter holiday. I could show off my nail polish too. The hair accessories are colourful and am going to use them only with this set of apparel. ummm cant wait to try my cat walk and each time my mom screams her lungs out not to act "too much"!.