Friday, October 19, 2012

It Is Okay If You Are Greedy

An idea conceived is half achieved  -Selfquote
Sushma's Page turned 2 this month. 

The commonest feeling of revoking the past, scratching the memory lane turns most up-heaving sensational phenomena when the subject includes "childhood". Here is my baby, "My Blog" . She turned two on the 3rd of October. She- Yes, she follows the stereotype as her owner.

A fetus conceived is a child born in minds of the mother -Self Quote.

She has  evolved over infancy. Crawling, giggling, stumbling, to the stage of  walking steady and ready to run today. Conceived in month of September-2010, she first smiled on successfully publishing the post "Cycle and the Chicken". 1st and nostalgic post that is so very personal.
The marathon continues till today over the stages where many a humour, satire, serious, poetic posts have been successfully completed and the blog has stood up, and today, all set to run. Sushma's Page is now greedy for more posts.....more readers. It is okay to be greedy.
Here is celebrating the 2nd Birth Day with one story.

The woodcutter who was the bread winner of family cut trees, sold wood for a few penny. One day  he slipped off and his axe tossed straight into the river nearby. Squatted, hands on forehead, as he shed silent sobs and sweaty tears, A fairy emerged out of the waters. The zero figure "Kareena Kapoor" as she was, singing "halkat jawani". Get away you...shooed her the woodcutter. She stopped dancing and offered to help him. He wasn't the types who even narrowed his eyes on her. She them cleared he throat..."err ehem...well I do know to dive too like Katrina Kaif in Zindagi na Milegi Dobara"...I could  perhaps find your axe". Surely he was not the second hand jawani-Amul Macho Man who could guide her swimming, was he?  So she dived in and brought out a golden axe. Ohh ghosh... Ssshhh he cried" This must be belonging to some minister of Indian Kangress he exclaimed. "I am just an ordinary person, aam aadmi, an mango person and I own an iron axe, please get me that". She then brought out a silver axe. A sad woodcutter had to nod a no. May be it belonged to another  minister perhaps law minister-India. Fairy smiled, brought a bronze axe. Were they the Medals of the Indian Players who got them at the Olympics? Out came the Fairy with the iron axe to utmost relieving pleasure of woodcutter. The Mango Men are happy with their meager belongings. Greed is not their cup of tea. It is for the stronger. The strength emerges from monetary and social powers?

Moral of this story: Never be greedy, if you want to be its okay, just join Politics.

Original story: The wood cutter who was the breadwinner of family once lost his axe into the river. The river fairy who presented him a golden or silver axe was not something he would lay his greedy hands on. He humbly preferred his iron axe and as the fairy got it for him she was too happy over the woodcutters honesty and presented him all the axe. The wood cutter family then lived happily ever after.
Origin, source and ref:
And this story that my dad told me naming the woodcutter as "maada" genetically passed on to my daughter as her bed time story that I could narrate. For past 9 years I have been cooking up several thousands of remix of this one story like Ekta Kapoor's serials that carry same script different colours.
Finally today's remix version had something to do with beautiful India's "so called dirty politics" Initially she laughed, in  between she perhaps thought I was telling her "beta Gabbar ayega sojayo" and she dozed off forgetting to laugh till the end of it.


Some contents in this article are based on facts from media and mean a pure satire and no offense to any personnel, party, religion or so.