Sunday, August 26, 2012

World of Art

"What use is that talent which is not shared and spread across"...says  the talented artist Chaitra Somanath of Qatar. Today's Guest on here.
Her Web site:
Ordinary woman with extraordinary talent called art  thumping into her.

"Art can not fill your bread basket" is what I read here. "Art Santhe Bangalore" Be it painting, writing or singing. But an artist never remains hungry is what I say. And "Chaitra is one inspiration for my little artist ( who sees art even in her plate of food".
Glimpse of her life and art spell is all here for you.

She says...... 

1.About herself.
A simple person, mind full of dreams, born at Siddapur in Uttara kannada dist and brought up at Jog, a place which is famous for it’s water falls and power generation, in a small family with parents and an younger sister.
I am a self taught artist.
Ever since my childhood, I have been fond of making drawings in my drawing books, figures and cartoon characters from the story books and children’s magazines and constantly inspired by nature's beauty all around.

2. Her inspiration are many things.
My parents- My passion towards art is always encouraged by my parents. Whenever I painted something they always framed and hung it on the wall and whoever saw always praised. From there the world of art continued to grow and blossom into me.

3. The Journey.
Spending all my 16 years at Jog, we moved to Sagara, (shimoga dist) in 1995, beautiful place full of greenery and famous for sandal wood carving. That is where my childhood hobby got converted into serious pursuit of creative art. Beside my graduation I started learning different kind of art like fabric painting, oil painting, engraving, embossing, sand painting, acrylic painting by experimenting, taking information by books and people.  I read, I experiment, I learn.

Another step to my Art world- Got married to Somanath in 1999 and moved to Gujarat, A place where u can find one or more artists in each family. My husband is the real supporter for my passion for art after my marriage. There I learned glass painting soft toy making and did Diploma in Fashion designing
Then we moved to Oman where I gave a small break for my passion as my kids were small. Then moved to Qatar in 2006, got a chance to see the painting exhibition by Visual arts, started my passion once again.

4. Journey continued in Qatar
2010-My thought- What is the use of a talent if I don’t spread and pass it to others?.  I started Art class for children. I chose children to be my students. Reason being, children are budding artists where they can be moulded according to their talent.
2012 -  Milestone for me.
Held an Exhibition in March at basant mela organized by PWA Doha, Qatar. Got a very good response.
On 3rd May 2012 held another big painting exhibition at hotel Merweb which was opened by director of heritage from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and the Indian ambassador. It was a great achievement of my life. I achieved my dream. Still long way to go, hoping to do  many more painting exhibitions ahead.

5 . Recent work shops.
19th august 2010 --- Did a free drawing and painting  workshop for children at abhilashrayam ( Orphanage at Kodige halli, Bangalore)

May, 2012 --- Candle making workshop for teachers at Al Noor institute, Doha, Qatar.

June,26th 2012 ---- Participated in the live painting programme at FCC, Doha, Qatar on account of International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

July, 2012 --- Summer work shop for Toyota staff children.

6 .  Her advice:
Every person has got some talent in her/ him. Find it, spend some time for it, and explore it.

7 .  Art for her.

Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. “It trains the Mind through the eye and eye through the mind”
Art adds a balance to my life, paintings are like magic to me, an illusion that could transcend me into other realities, I forget about myself and become completely absorbed in the work.
Painting is a way to express my thoughts.
Art brings thoughts and feelings……… it opens my mind to do something unimaginable………………..

8. Her Aim 
My aim is to pass on my talent to as many children as possible by teaching them drawing and painting.

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