Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Proxy For Fun

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An unknown dark side of your loving friend, when strikes on you like the untold lightening, you recoil in repugnance. Lost. How a drug for cure could turn into a curse too. When you learn about a young man drop dead on his dinner table, little do you realize the darker secret behind the whole anecdote?

The dreaded truth of the mere pain killer capsules. You ought to know it, and not just say no to  ProxyVon, but, unless advised by doctor never to administer any/medicine drug to self and best to avoid Palliative drugs.

The self realization for the tall dark handsome man earning heavy salary in an metropolitan city, happily and newly married to a pretty girl, when it came striking, he had missed his train. All the life's goals were drowned as he drowned himself in heaps of those cursed drugs that were once induced to him by a doctor for mere pain. The parasitic drug then paralyzed him. Diverted drug as it is labelled rightly, crept on him from 2 to 20 pills in a span of waking hours of a day. The journey of an addict had begun!

Was the medicine a cure or a curse?
A few years then rolled on with hardly anybody being in light about his new roller-coaster life. Yes, it was his love for his mistress. The addictive drug. And when the matter went exposed with all eyes on him,  his eyes were worn. He was lost. His mind crouched in corner with thoughts of guilt, dreaded feeling of loosing life. But he was not withdrawn. Putting up a brave face yet unfortunately impossibly able to recover off the seductive addiction of drugs, one night it all ended on this dinner table. " I think I will die, after taking 40 pills today" was what he told few minutes before he threw out a bad puke, collapsed on lap of his wailing wife. 
Sudden pulse drop bid good bye to the this god particle world as his eyes saw the end. He saw himself pushing through the finishing line of his life as he lay on his wife's lap and narrated why he had to leave her. Those drooling eyes will haunt her for life, but she has a request to the outer world. There is no Proxy for fun. The temporary joy those drugs give are the ones that tormentor the families of the deceased.
A drug that once relieved a minor joint pain a decade before, gradually grew upon him till it took toll of  his  breath. This truth in one set of four walls, might be on the repeating prowl in another set.
Man is an easy bait to seductive "diverted" medications and formulated drugs. The "habit forming" nature of the human brain elopes to it, yet not very easily perhaps. A Statutory warning calls for it. Lets Say no not just for PROXY VON but all the diverted drugs. This is one such medicine which has been withdrawn from the market in many of the countries including the giant America.

About Proxy Von:
What: Is a medicine that is "prescribed" for acute  muscle pain; bowel disorders. It reduces spasms and cramps of the gastro-intestinal tract
Content: Apart from Paracetamol it contains weak Opium like  content.
It is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain and swelling, with an additional element to help prevent stomach irritation and ulceration. 
Side Effects: Nausea, Dryness of mouth, forgetfulness, tachycardia, arrhythmia, confusion, palpitations, 
It was not the sweet suicide shortcut called Proxy Von that caused his death. It was not any addiction too. It is the lack of awareness about Palliative Care. It is a epidemic curse in the society which demands only awareness to act before it creeps or to curb it as it's nearness is felt.
Can one friend lost stop us from losing some more?
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