Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Labyrinth of Anguish

The bearer of progeny,
She is
Pacifies a man's existence
Personifies love.

A bubble of life her seat,
Stretched hands, quench of love,
She was to soar.
Expecting eyes, looks of hope, she wore.

Wading in flood of hatred,
Venom of dejection poked,
Hurled stones of dislike at,
Pricked thorns of curses,
Anguish revoked?

Sheer agony, yet,
Flee to where?
Earth her Bosom,
Life her breath,
Turmoil in mind
Labyrinth of anguish,
Alas, She has just one wish.

Girl a hatred?
Woman a material piece?
"I am the Woman,
Give me my respect"
Free me of this Labyrinth of Anguish