Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Super Woman and Super Weather

Image Courtesy: Google.
It is news all over in media about Baby Afreen's brutal death. After writing my article on "Girl Child's Agony" last month which generalized the cursed disease of "boy-worship" in India this news came in like a dirty example. Own father has been worst than an animal to harm his own infant daughter to death for the reason of her being born female.
So we prove each day how exploited is the freedom offered to the citizen of democratic country  We have a freedom of action to such an devilish extent?
Every citizen is expected to have the head balanced on the shoulders. An incident like this is awaited to happen again for "law" and capital punishment to be discussed against such devils? There was never love. Now law will be discussed  again till hope not another repeating dirty incident crops up and flares up agitation amongst the common man. 
It's appearing like a fad here that a girl child has been treated so inhumanly and tortured to the this extent that a woman loses a faith on herself to feel depressed of herself being another woman in this very country that  she so much loves.
Meri desh ki dharthi.............kya rang dikhayee.
"Super woman you are" came in a huge package of complement for me [read him here]. Ask him why?. Let me take the privilege of explaining that too, because I accept this as a honest compliment from my intellectual friend who is boy in may be late 20's but with ideas that could rule. Being a mother, a wife, a working woman, writing, plus doing post gradation course at this phase/age of life  is what seems like tough balancing act; his honest compliment sprung into me like Spirulina and this jet of a post shot out of my mind in a zoom. Now was this enough as a super woman ?  A clapper-clawed superwoman flying all over spying on the devils like the "boy baby-worshipers" ; perhaps I would give an attempt trying out my hands on them. If that were the "heroic" deeds that we all watch in movies when there is no law in aid to such hapless situation.
Would my voice ever echo to the deadliest corners of the devil minds of the boy-worshiper's in any nook of India?  Well, if not, attest this post should do some prompting.

I/we can react, revolt and write! Alas, cant change things.  Though could we not spread love and smile as a tiny attempt? How different is each one of us? And what is the best that we are offering our society from within our best? At least a smile per day on your neighbour's face?
How different are we to our progeny? The same old mother "you better listen to me or you will...." OR was it easier if you listened perhaps to your child who tells you that he/she wants to find a good moral out of any story he/she reads and not just reads the ready made moral story books? Count me in here. I did listen and it was worth.
Such love, moral, that inculcates socio-ethical decency as part of education for a human.
Superwoman wants to actually sign off: Ya there are many social issues that can be discussed.
Turning onto the super weather of the past few months, bizarre Doha winter is not something to miss out. 
Nice winter of Doha tuned into a queer naughty winter by March. Doha air started cooling down by October, to a cold November and thereby the cozy winter has been casting its spell luring  Gulfi's to yearn for this season of all. Just as it seemed like it was time to wriggle out of snugging huge comforters, get the air conditioners serviced, came the torrent of rains. Well yes torrent was a little too much for the decent rains that this desert sees. Yet sang the tiny pool of water on roads, dripping leaves from trees, dirty cars, wet cats hiding in your garage, or the birds hiding in your balcony, the song of a epic of the era.  Stunning weather of the year award goes to month March-2012 at Doha. After the ironic 2020 Olympics cream award to Qatar things seriously seemed to churn into strange out here. Rain God apparently heard all the prayers and showered some more sympathy drops this year onto the robots dwelling in this desert. I specifically relate this life to a robots for the deadly reason of absenteeism of a "good" social life that we otherwise cherish from motherland.
Meri desh ki dharthi....

Onset of Doha summer sings hot hot hot.........

Now signs off Sushma