Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wherever You Are

It all began with just  a piece of news. A sad demise, that can shake you off. Why is "death" a fact so hard to gulp down.Why is it like a dagger at your heart leaving one scar on your mind?

My eyes dint like a wink of sleep. Every time the eyes closed his face gleamed in the minds eye. An unbearable restlessness. Thoughts rushing in like roaring waves. Accumulation of numerous memories, cherished time spent with him, refused to leave the mind. Now and then would the mind say oh-no, oh why! Alas. It was the end of his journey of life.
It is a hard fact. The moment filled in me with deep grief never to cease. Ears dint want to hear anything more. Appetite was long forgotten. Air around seemed so dull. Life around you seemed like a reel of slow motion. Deep mourning sadness creeping upon constantly and endlessly....Rotation of thoughts continued. Had to pause after all, it was not the end. It is another beginning for the rest of us without him.

He lived his life neatly for these 90 years. Well organised and disciplined person as he was known for. 

Whether you will turn into a star twinkling in the sky, or whether you will be another fairy in the heaven; I will always miss you on this earth; BUT you will remain alive in my hearts dear "ajju". All that I can say is, what I am today is majorly attributed to my Grandpa dear- you taught me discipline you taught me love, you made me laugh. You shared my dreams. You were the one from whom I inherited not just genes but the humanity. 

Peace be with you, wherever you are.

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