Friday, March 16, 2012

Sex Education

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"Sex" a healthy biological concept, is it termed "dirty" and censored" even today? Do we still feel a sense of guilt/shame as we talk about sex?. 

It has been ages since the concept of separating the two wonderful human genders on this earth existed. Today the evolution has taken over.  And children are no more at the mercy of cheap pornographic pictures, or the fear of misinformation from equally ignorant friends. Many educated families inculcate "sex" education in children in sober, positive, and compassionate methods. Yet how far has it gone successful in schools? Though the western world inculcates sex education yet there are still not any less of teenage pregnancies which is a due concern in India too. Is it not a must to be taught in schools too? And that includes  "bad and good touch" to the pre-adolescent too. 
Access to pornography, condom commercials are as common as coffee or toffee advertisements. Why Popular  Bollywood movies of recent times have been quite educative on such topics while women crime has dirty and high statistics today.
For a moment I was frozen today evening as my mere seven years old narrated me how her day with her friend was." .....And you know amma, I told Stina how a baby is born. You have to push, the doctor will pull it out. But I am sure you don't need the vacuum cleaner always isn't it?"  One big lump in my throat and I managed to speak "errr we will speak at home, I am driving and there is a signal ahead". I am still thinking over it that it came too soon and how do I handle this tomorrow. And what about Stina? I am sure her mom has a surprise too. Huh.

Our children should be empowered with knowledge instead of exposing them to the hypocrisy of the adults. Denials or avoiding would definitely break the boundaries of frankness. Being open to children is tough BUT important as they decide the fate of their tomorrow. And we adults serve as a guide today. Apart from literacy the education should include sex-education in the overall personality department and should be regarded as primary responsibility in schools. Earlier generations grasped the terms with their sexuality with natural circumstances or the mother teaching the menstrual hygiene to daughters. Today the schools have taken the responsibility of this to major extent, with partial options kept open with councellor present in school for support. We go ahead to educate children with the most abstract of science yet refuse to inculcate the most commonest phenomena of human science. Do we want to make social, ethical boundaries to this? I think they are divine and children rightfully should be bestowed with it. The schools do teach hygiene, must also encourage a child to recognise objectionable behaviour, bad touch. A mere sense of when to raise a alarm upon someone behaving irresponsibly  forms a part of it. Putting aside the gender bias it is also time to realise that both gender are equally prone to any social evils or crime. A healthier education in right manner remains in the required list for the two genders equally and at the same time demanding the moral responsibility by both the guardians and the schools.
While I also respect the fact that a holistic sex education will surely not eradicate the crime in the society and might even have pitfalls or negatives of its own, yet it promises a flicker of  better social conditioning and better bet on fighting social evils.
Isn't it time for change?. Isn't today's evils of society a wake up call?