Monday, February 13, 2012

New Release- 3 Idiots of Karnataka

It was a day of yet another embarrassment  compelling you to hide your identity. Being from proper Karnataka, as we indulged in talks about India and its happenings the flashing news came like a shock. The very mention of "in your Karnataka" by people does not sink into us this year. BJP ministers scandal of  being absorbed in the pron photographs on their mobiles. Voluntary resignations that followed still did not seem to show any sings of regrets on the holy faces of these leader.
While we argue about any generation being drawn towards the pron-gate, we do not want to wake up to the fact about things being done in right time. At least this is what we educate the younger generation. Good children don't in fact watch pron! The heights of hypocrisy is about the ministers who have mindlessly dissolved their images by watching such images in the middle of a debate in the assembly. What more you want? The topic also happens to be hot. Pakistan Flag being hoisted in a District of Karnataka. Who cares. More hot  were the pictures.The assembly interests have been overtaken by more interesting pictures on their mobiles. Could someone tell them about things done in right place at right times.

The past year has seen Karnataka in limelight over multiple scandals and this issue in early 2012 added a layer of cream topping over it.

There's no disbelief on how former minister and many more have dumped their treasury comfortable for generations of theirs to be fed for nothing. So how is this justified with no work and only play for these ministers. Heights of hypocrisy.

NOTE: Full picture credit to Satish Acharya the popular Cartoonist [from Karnataka!]
The irony is the same region of Karnataka saw assaults and protests against Valentine's Day in the past year. And this happened in my own Mangalore region. Celebrating Western culture in unethical costumes and mannerisms were the accusations by religious groups that caught flares.
They were none other than our own BJP team.
So where do we draw lines for the "cultural" and "ethical" drivers?
Hypocrisy of highest order. 
So these  three idiots expect some cheers and applauds for discarding any self discipline, self awareness in them and posing authentic leaders? Indulging in study over some case was their sober reasoning. And what more can you expect than a white lie that these leaders for an absurd reasoning over one shameless act. 
 Or , was it only an act but a serious offense. Children are lashed,beat, in schools for home work not done. Corporal punishments as caning are chosen for children of tender ages. So what about these obnoxious 3 idiots? And the matter will be stretched like gum for a while till the heat dies and then hushed down by legal coaxing. Would there be a better ending anyway?
The whole issue has to be provoking enough for the younger generation. As for the dirty word called "politicians" the whole meaning calls for a new sine qua non.