Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The New Me

...............and I go on
I have often been writing about life of Doha but fear to crib at the  tampered thought about missing the India life. Missing home. Friday to  friday [weekly off being friday here-Jumma ka din] just swings in it's own pace and leaves us with the flying dates on the calender. Time management is tough balancing act and my mind still haunts with the new me today. 
I am at the threshold of a new career and change has been one constant factor in it. I have worked in varied fields in the past decade. Now different from my profession is a rekindled passion that  is bubbling withing me. The new writer in me is active round the clock and I feel like a childish excitement in the new endeavour of mine. My best pal tells she remembers me scribbling small poems even in childhood. Shes a big inspiration to me in continuing my writing.
I care to rediscover myself everyday is what I care to self proclaim too and as I do so I also bother to instill in me the fact that every dream has its tale. Reveries are reveries. The dream that you cherish with eyes open are yours alone and why let go..........
In my school days as my dad, with much love would buy me those diaries that I much wanted to write my poems and stories, I have to confess I did dream one day I will write on my own. Yet the much loved but less grounded hobby was stamped on and curbed into rolls of guilt buried deep inside me for the very fact that the entire social system around me pointed stubbornly at the Institute  that taught technology. Those which kindled the children with 98% marks in sceience, like me. So it is yet another confession of my choosing a field that was so different from the dream that I never thought I would ever tackle.
Why did I choose not to write? Inspite of once blurting it out aloud in class 11 too, only to be hushed down by my mentor and role model then, my Physics professor who silenced and locked my other thoughts in the science books that I grew up with for the next 6 years, and placed the keys away.
So I know why I chose not to write then, after all.
Much later perhaps after over a decade, one evening I just happened to accumulate some structured thoughts in my mind and cared to compose this post in my mind "Cycle and the Chicken"[Read it here if you have not yet read] which became my first post and my favourite till date too, on my own blog soon. I myself lay bewildered at the irony of how I still cherished writing yet had not let it happen.  Thus began the journey of Sushma's Page. A venture from gags to a new saga. The new me was born to overcome the agony of inhibiting the nostalgia attacks that erupted from the memoirs of the life and time spent in India.
The decipline of being grounded to things, the entire lot of patience that I have recently instilled in me is all one of the few compliments I owe to my own writing.
The thoughst that I download in writing is the ease of mind, a state that I enjoy in my hectic schedule now.
Yes indeed I love writing and with so many lovely people reading them I am yet more concious not to disappoint anybody.


Let life seem like a melting candle with diminishing time
Why bother?
Let me look at the light that always stays bright till the end..........

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Release- 3 Idiots of Karnataka

It was a day of yet another embarrassment  compelling you to hide your identity. Being from proper Karnataka, as we indulged in talks about India and its happenings the flashing news came like a shock. The very mention of "in your Karnataka" by people does not sink into us this year. BJP ministers scandal of  being absorbed in the pron photographs on their mobiles. Voluntary resignations that followed still did not seem to show any sings of regrets on the holy faces of these leader.
While we argue about any generation being drawn towards the pron-gate, we do not want to wake up to the fact about things being done in right time. At least this is what we educate the younger generation. Good children don't in fact watch pron! The heights of hypocrisy is about the ministers who have mindlessly dissolved their images by watching such images in the middle of a debate in the assembly. What more you want? The topic also happens to be hot. Pakistan Flag being hoisted in a District of Karnataka. Who cares. More hot  were the pictures.The assembly interests have been overtaken by more interesting pictures on their mobiles. Could someone tell them about things done in right place at right times.

The past year has seen Karnataka in limelight over multiple scandals and this issue in early 2012 added a layer of cream topping over it.

There's no disbelief on how former minister and many more have dumped their treasury comfortable for generations of theirs to be fed for nothing. So how is this justified with no work and only play for these ministers. Heights of hypocrisy.

NOTE: Full picture credit to Satish Acharya the popular Cartoonist [from Karnataka!]
The irony is the same region of Karnataka saw assaults and protests against Valentine's Day in the past year. And this happened in my own Mangalore region. Celebrating Western culture in unethical costumes and mannerisms were the accusations by religious groups that caught flares.
They were none other than our own BJP team.
So where do we draw lines for the "cultural" and "ethical" drivers?
Hypocrisy of highest order. 
So these  three idiots expect some cheers and applauds for discarding any self discipline, self awareness in them and posing authentic leaders? Indulging in study over some case was their sober reasoning. And what more can you expect than a white lie that these leaders for an absurd reasoning over one shameless act. 
 Or , was it only an act but a serious offense. Children are lashed,beat, in schools for home work not done. Corporal punishments as caning are chosen for children of tender ages. So what about these obnoxious 3 idiots? And the matter will be stretched like gum for a while till the heat dies and then hushed down by legal coaxing. Would there be a better ending anyway?
The whole issue has to be provoking enough for the younger generation. As for the dirty word called "politicians" the whole meaning calls for a new sine qua non.