Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Girl Child's Agony

"May you be the mother of a son"- is a common blessing for a married woman in India. Is this a step motherly attitude towards daughters? A girl child in India leads a neglected multi-cursed multi –abused life? She is toned to accept a second class status in the traditional male dominated socio-economic set up. AtharvaVeda aptly sums up this fact with the verse "Grant me a son and a girl elsewhere"-I remember reading this somewhere. No, when I write this it is definitely not a generic offensive statement but surely a factual reality still pertaining in human world especially in India. Today's educated class longing for a girl child after birth of a son is no new. Vice-Versa also applies. The interest is positive. Successful women aren't unnoticed. The concern of mine here only is a girl child's manifold problems with religious preaching, social environment, and economic compulsions in many parts of rural as well as urban areas which are still "uncivilized".

A childhood of girl generally constitutes to too many rituals, law and rules, in fact to a mass of cultural directory which eventually form her core identity as a adult. An entry to school is a highlighted milestone. University education is like a heroic deed ending with a certificate that adds weight age to the unending list of "skills" during her "bride seeing ceremony". And by chance if she excels in school then there is tremendous speculation of her ability to be accepted by a equally well matched or "well-to-do" groom.

She is like a liability? She will be raised with all the "values" and beliefs she needs to be imbibed with to keep her in laws happy in future.
The preference to the male is because he is the flame of the family passing on the torch to the next generation. Whereas she is a guest in the paternal home till she is tied to a "husband" material. Liability ends.

Not just India but in many parts of the world she is brought up by assigning negative values as her own entity. The socialism of a girl is still explained by the theme: unwanted, neglected, underdeveloped and exploited.

This is still a concern in the parts of society which will be termed uncivilized. For this to turn into civilized requires the education to realize and accepted equal to a male child.
All that is required is thinking and belief.
I dedicate this post to the G-Day of round 10 of ABC Wednesday meme. 
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