Monday, December 31, 2012

Her Dare and Scare

Here is a true incident when my heart ached.

Here is one girl so vulnerable. She carries no chilly powder, she knows no martial art, but she hides at a shadow of a man! She fled like that deer who spotted the lion in the shrub when my better half approached her for a picture with a camera and some pocket-money to offer her and her little sibling. Upon my request for an explanation with a hug, she weeps , weeps about her woes, about her chores, and how she is supposed to stay away from "any man!"

Her House she guards. A sibling in her arms.
A kitchen awaits her.There's a dad who hates her,
A mother the breadwinner.
A big money of mine did no magic, while,
A big hug of mine made her smile.
Life for her is a workshop,
joy a mystery, love a mock-shop.
She breathes, eats, works, sleeps.
A living human body, sometimes weeps.
She's another "Girl" deprived of respect, freedom. love.
For shes considered a, burden a bane?

Her voice has no weight. Her life has none too. Because the world told her "Sorry, You are a Girl"? 

With the growing reports of crime called rape in India it can not be concluded this crime increased now. It existed in this men ruled society always. Today it is the media that brings it in limelight and at times blows it off too.
Stop rapes in turn only points at respect that woman and give her the freedom of life.

Voice: "Sorry It's a Girl"

Art Courtesy: Chaitra.
In the maternity ward - There is a deep nurse voice saying "Sorry, It's a Girl".  Unfortunately this opening quote was spat on my face one day, and I had abused my mindful to that deep voiced nurse, welcoming my newly born daughter.

A GIRL- traverses her journey from womb till  till her death bed ,with a trail of voice following, every where on this earth, reminding her of her weaker stereotype, an unwanted species, still the bearer of progeny! This is the ironical supremacy of men that they carry on their heavy shoulders.

In a happy living room among happy family, there is one warning voice saying "You are a girl, behave, learn to sit, learn to talk, learn this...learn that...". A school. There is again one voice, for sure yelling "you are naughty. Behave. You are a girl, not a boy". In a college there are voices yelling "Girls, learn how to dress. Not less, not more"..and the limits are limited to the thinking of those voices that confine "That girl in a matchbox called Shame". Girl-Dare you get out of your match box there are wolves called super men set to pounce on you.
 Behind every voice is that sexist. Every human has a sexist in him/her.

There's yet another beautiful world in this same space bombarded with many other voices. "Behind every successful man is a woman"- Girl you are the ultimate power. "There is a mother in every woman"- Girl you will be respected and worshiped. These voices grateful to the female stereotypes are the ones that balance the woman's respectful living. Putting up a balance scale is waste of time. Our world has shown every proof of a typical culture obsessed with male egotism. One for show, One to act. Our women are physically, mentally tortured every second. One spends lifetime confined in 4-8 walls. One spends 4 months in Space. One has a majestic wonder of the world built in her memory, another is thrown away on roads or barn after being brutally tortured. Let's blame the man, lets also blame a sexist within us all.

Every second, India sees one case of a woman being harassed, tortured, mauled.  Call it a molestation, a rape. Curse the weak law, lament over the even weaker government of India. Blame the Police and securities. Ultimately we tend to also discover that percentage of a sexist voice within all of us. We want to abuse Bollywood displaying movies that trigger violence and sadism in the weaker men. But keeping in mind for Bollywood movies like "Mother India" where the mother kills her son over the security of a woman. It's inside every one of us that can strengthen any law, any government.  The smallest entity of any system is that human whose voice should balance that "sexist' within him/her.
Male and Female from stone age have been coded and decoded for their difference in stereotypes  They are different, not rivals.

India's notoriously named Rape Capital demonstrated its dirtiest proof this month as a lesson for not just government or authorities but to every single individual. The most brutal rape, physical assault ending in death of young aspiring student. Behind every such crime lies a voice, of sadism, ego, frustration, lack of education and morality and that unending list which we all know. Don't we? (Stamped Foot).

Of all, I demand we tune this voice that can make woman not just a beautiful body but beautiful human and most respected. Let's not simply shout" stop rapes". I want to shout "Hail you girl" and ban "Sorry it's a girl"! I demand - Don't hurl  bricks of hatred on her, but find the Cinderella in her!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Know Your Product

One of the oldest axiom for sales is the "perception of reality". What your customer perceives to be true is what will drive their behaviour. And to demonstrate this, expert hands on the product knowledge is the key mantra for selling. Branding is a side effect of it, if I could call it so. How else would Star Bucks  make people stand in queue for hours when your wife can make better coffee at home!

I was not surprised upon learning yesterday about Chandni Chowk the Delhi's shining oldest busiest market square, a big crowd puller, went online!  Paralleling this growth of technology and access to information, marketing tactics, as any company's primary philosophy remains its concentration on it's "Product Knowledge".

Corporate world triggers the increased importance of "Product Knowledge". Increasing competition, consumer choice and consumer power leads an organisation to cut ways through a media space  crowded with competing offers. Be it finished products or services, the elements that make up the product and the product life cycle are main frame works to be cracked down. They precisely form foundation of best marketing management approach. 
Ankush Sharma is not new guest on Sushma's Page and this time this is his 2nd presentation. Well pounced on this topic, read him here:

How important is Product Knowledge for Sales People?

Have you ever thought why did you loose a particular customer, when your product had almost everything he/she was looking for?
Did you ever think how competitor with the same product is able to make more sales than you? 
Is competitor's product really superior than your's?
Do you really know your product inside out?
The answer to all the above questions is "Product Knowledge". In all my posts I always stress on the importance of product knowledge. It is always necessary to have a proper knowledge about your product. This will not only help you win more sales but will also help you have an edge over the competitors. 
Having an elaborated product knowledge will help you handle the objections from customers in a better way.You will be able to explain in a better way and will also be able to present those features which customer is looking for, making your presentation more customer centric. On the contrary if you do not have proper product knowledge, even if your product has a particular feature which customer is looking for, you might not be able to explain or present that feature resulting in the loss of sale.
Product knowledge to a large extent helps in boosting your confidence when you present your product/services. You clearly have an idea what you have to present in front of your customer and how best you can position the product/service to meet all the requirements of the customer.
The best way to have the product knowledge is by using it. It is always recommended to use your product and understand its features before you start selling it. It will give you the fair idea about the product's benefits and its short comings. Moreover if you are able to experience the products and services of the competitor, you will be able to explain how your product is different and hopefully better.
Just presenting the brochure to the customer does not help, you need to have the proper understanding of the product because written words and spoken words are very different. You can also have a better product knowledge and understanding by meeting existing customers and asking for their feedback. Try to make it clear that you want brutal honesty, since there will almost always be ways in which your products are both good and bad and the more you know about both aspects, the better. 
More importantly your sales pitch should not only cover the benefits and advantages of your product/service. Honestly customer is not interested in that, the way your product/service meet customer's requirement is of more importance. And you can communicate the same and position your product accordingly only if you have proper knowledge of your product. Being too technical in explaining your product is also not advisable. The product should be presented in a way that is self ex-planetary.
The sales people should not only depend on company's training for product knowledge instead they should always keep themselves updated with the new and added features in their product/service. This would help in gaining a competitive edge and at the same time making more sales.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin -

Monday, December 17, 2012

Stop-See, Little Girl's Glamour

This isn't first time I go on with  my prefect "mommy philosophy" after I wrote "Thank Her Why's, "Mamma I am Rapunzel, Barbie and the Pink and many more.
Introducing another "avatar" of my little one who is not that little for the world though. She can dress on her own, do her hair, dance in front of mirrors for hours. So much so that I at times need to imitate her school teacher yelling at student calling out her full name- like a roll call in the morning class! And then a faint''oh did you call me?" will be the meek response.
Besides, her wardrobe is sure a mesmerizing exhibition piece that I can turn on to show my guests when there isn't much to talk.

I have some great friends who help me out with ideas pouring on how to keep this busy mind going in holidays. She can shoot questions on me aiming the rifle right over my head, and at times be lost in her cozy play world with a new apparel every hour, a different handbag, some branded sun glasses that her dad bothers to pick for her. Neither is my dog not is her toy "Minnie Mouse" spared when it comes to "dressing up".

Winter's all on its prowl and the school declaring its holiday, I thanked Indiblogger for introducing this mind blowing contest. Apart from the real shopping, I let my little one- "J"  into a virtual shopping tour to fix up some real real goody woody thingies as she calls them. Feel pretty, happy, and nice.
With few clicks away from her fantasy world as my girl entered her virtual shopping tour into here is J's version in her words. STOP. For her  perfect look strategy.

I love this top for its colour and my favourite character's name being on it. Wow, Barbie. The skirt is in a delightful shade of pink with floral design. I love mini skirts. I have mad craze for handbags and so does my wardrobe. This little handbag is just perfect for I love this thingy.  Choosing one pair of sandals is like a life times job for me. This pink sandal is apt for me this winter holiday. I could show off my nail polish too. The hair accessories are colourful and am going to use them only with this set of apparel. ummm cant wait to try my cat walk and each time my mom screams her lungs out not to act "too much"!.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review - She/view

The very first few minutes of the movie's beginning will drown you deep down into the character of "Shashi" a beautiful Maharashtrian lady, the happy wife, DIL (Daughter In Law) and a SAHM(Stay At Home Mother). Expert hands on cooking and her only cherished hobby as it is, she runs small scale home based catering. Popular for her fabulous "laddoos" yet maintains a slim waist line herself. Almost frequent jibes from husband and child for poor English knowledge has almost let her self esteem down yet a positive vibrating cheerful face. She later on happens to visit New York where she bumps into English classes. The "Saaashi" that is seen on the Manhattan streets is the one who thoroughly comes out evolved with her new outlook.  If gaining her self respect form her dear ones meant just about learning an foreign language,and foreign culture, she challenges it and welcomes a new self.

While one can laugh non stop, smile vigorously as you enjoy the movie on screen, some might also be shedding silent tears. Blame it on SriDevi who comes out flying colours in her role as Shashi, bringing out all emotions so very naturally, flaunting eye catchy, colorful gorgeous Saree's.  

Gauri Shinde has rightly brought in SriDevi for the main role who justifies the right expressions, right gestures, all right for the "Shashi" that one will see on screen. All the other characters have filled life proportionately and hats off to Gauri Shinde who created this epic which seems to relate to life and times of her family too.

One can smell the coffee that Shashi makes in the morning. One can relate somewhere to her through the feelings that are cast by her eyes. That positive wife who utters sober questions to her husband whom she sees hugging a lady colleague. That mother who swallows up lumps of hurt self esteem while the father daughter duo laugh at her over her inadequate lessons on the "English" language conversations, or when the daughter feels ashamed her non-English speaking mother accompanying her to a PTM at school. A prefect friend is what she finds in her MIL(Mother In Law). Seems like this is where the "Maharasthrian" feature so likely rules. Featuring a typical MIL with "Laliatha Pawar" or "Sushma Seth  " would have lost that touch! Gauri Shinde triumphed in here.

As her only widowed sister gets her daughter married off in New York is when Shashi travels alone well in advance for preparations. A heartbreaking mess up in a coffee shop after her struggle to order those "Angrezonka khana"(Hindi term meaning food of the Americans) that runs down pearls of tears down her cheeks, she find fantasy for some English-class, crash course. It took a French male admirer, a classmate, almost call him her fan, to induce her self confidence into her. Yet reciprocating was Shashi's mind speaking aloud it too, about him  uttering beautiful things about her to make her feel good. After all SAHM are supposed to be "living" too. Aren't they? With some multi-national classmates and gay teacher, Shashi finds special place for herself among all these as "Shashi madam". And become the "favourite student Saaashi" of her "David Sir" who one fine day under influence of her "pastha-shasta; English vinglish", utters "no trying vying". There is no escape for laughs here. Mind you the crash course on English is a pure secret for her and she can not breathe about it for the fear of more negatively inspired fun poked at her. 

The linguistic expressions, the gestures transforming from true Indian to a mild mixture of "English".  The Saashi , as the "Gore(white people as termed in Hindi)" called her was getting infringed into the simple, Indian Bahu(Hindi term for Daughter In Law) with self confidence buried in the sarcastic comments of her husband and kids.
Cooking, the only favourite subject apparently upturned as she triumphs in a "learn English in 4 weeks class" in the hep Manhattan street. The independent Shashi grew right there transforming into the "Saashi". The guest appearance of Amitab Bachchan on board the NY flight as a helpful co passenger of Shashi was the only character that was little over done.

The movie ends with a scene of Shashi's husband giving her the looks of that realized man with pride too.

And if someone has still not watched English-Vinglish wondering "its not their type", its time up. The movie is bit old now, change your type- You will come out cheerful.
I had some goose bumps while I found myself relating to Shashi in one way as I had traveled my "1st  Phoren (Word "Foreign" as pronounced in Hindi) -visit" with my 2 year old and some 10 kg baggage. As the silly Bangalore flight delayed and my next connecting  flight had abandoned me in the tiny little Bahrain airport to find myself juggle with my hand bag for some newer currency. The names of food seemed barely familiar. And courtesy airport officials politely screwed me by offering some "Biryani" and would I feed this to my 2 year old? Teekha Biryani?  No-Vag mam is what an "Anna"(A South Indian- Madrasi for you is called Anna)  official clarified to me. Eat your chicken or die hungry! is what he unofficially meant. Apr business class passenger treatment. waah...nimmajji (YES- A sweet Kannada abusive term) and few other frustrations were what I uttered by myself. And for exchanging currency I had to drop out some tinkering toys off my bag. Excuse me, no I did not find any French admirer nor any Arab!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It Is Okay If You Are Greedy

An idea conceived is half achieved  -Selfquote
Sushma's Page turned 2 this month. 

The commonest feeling of revoking the past, scratching the memory lane turns most up-heaving sensational phenomena when the subject includes "childhood". Here is my baby, "My Blog" . She turned two on the 3rd of October. She- Yes, she follows the stereotype as her owner.

A fetus conceived is a child born in minds of the mother -Self Quote.

She has  evolved over infancy. Crawling, giggling, stumbling, to the stage of  walking steady and ready to run today. Conceived in month of September-2010, she first smiled on successfully publishing the post "Cycle and the Chicken". 1st and nostalgic post that is so very personal.
The marathon continues till today over the stages where many a humour, satire, serious, poetic posts have been successfully completed and the blog has stood up, and today, all set to run. Sushma's Page is now greedy for more posts.....more readers. It is okay to be greedy.
Here is celebrating the 2nd Birth Day with one story.

The woodcutter who was the bread winner of family cut trees, sold wood for a few penny. One day  he slipped off and his axe tossed straight into the river nearby. Squatted, hands on forehead, as he shed silent sobs and sweaty tears, A fairy emerged out of the waters. The zero figure "Kareena Kapoor" as she was, singing "halkat jawani". Get away you...shooed her the woodcutter. She stopped dancing and offered to help him. He wasn't the types who even narrowed his eyes on her. She them cleared he throat..."err ehem...well I do know to dive too like Katrina Kaif in Zindagi na Milegi Dobara"...I could  perhaps find your axe". Surely he was not the second hand jawani-Amul Macho Man who could guide her swimming, was he?  So she dived in and brought out a golden axe. Ohh ghosh... Ssshhh he cried" This must be belonging to some minister of Indian Kangress he exclaimed. "I am just an ordinary person, aam aadmi, an mango person and I own an iron axe, please get me that". She then brought out a silver axe. A sad woodcutter had to nod a no. May be it belonged to another  minister perhaps law minister-India. Fairy smiled, brought a bronze axe. Were they the Medals of the Indian Players who got them at the Olympics? Out came the Fairy with the iron axe to utmost relieving pleasure of woodcutter. The Mango Men are happy with their meager belongings. Greed is not their cup of tea. It is for the stronger. The strength emerges from monetary and social powers?

Moral of this story: Never be greedy, if you want to be its okay, just join Politics.

Original story: The wood cutter who was the breadwinner of family once lost his axe into the river. The river fairy who presented him a golden or silver axe was not something he would lay his greedy hands on. He humbly preferred his iron axe and as the fairy got it for him she was too happy over the woodcutters honesty and presented him all the axe. The wood cutter family then lived happily ever after.
Origin, source and ref:
And this story that my dad told me naming the woodcutter as "maada" genetically passed on to my daughter as her bed time story that I could narrate. For past 9 years I have been cooking up several thousands of remix of this one story like Ekta Kapoor's serials that carry same script different colours.
Finally today's remix version had something to do with beautiful India's "so called dirty politics" Initially she laughed, in  between she perhaps thought I was telling her "beta Gabbar ayega sojayo" and she dozed off forgetting to laugh till the end of it.


Some contents in this article are based on facts from media and mean a pure satire and no offense to any personnel, party, religion or so.

Friday, September 28, 2012

That M Factor

"Without a motive we were unborn, yet for the sperms or eggs" - Self Quote.
People do things for their own different reasons, and not yours. We could understand this with a story illustrated by a farmer, when he and his son had tough time getting their calf back into the barn. As they were scared about giving up, a little girl passed by. All she did was put her little finger in its mouth for it to suck and the calf promptly followed her to the barn. 
There is ONLY "Self Motivation".  One can not Motivate another. If I could throw my 2 cents of experience I would dare to bet there is only something called "Inspiration" that we could do and the motivation for action then rests on the shoulders of the sole person who would perhaps act in the course.
Shiv Khera appropriately explains above theory in this book "You Can Win".
All I point from this is to do a small daily chore we need to have that tinge of burning from within and we can call it "motivation".
In fact, another story of a mule floated quite a lot on the www's and had reached my inbox too. One of those morals tales for Motivation with example of a donkey in the example. This one did pull my attention and here is a link to my old post.

A American Native Proverb says: One who narrates stories rules the world".

Bet on a bunch of tales or some reminiscent pasts, I would still say Motivation is one such feeling that when applied to corporate sector has its own baselines and limitations.

A blooming flower, to dark night might motivate one. But remaining hooked onto it lies in the discipline and attitude. 

He who does not see need not have no eyes yet is blind;  He who can not see need not have no eyes too but need not be blind - Self Quote.

Taking the example of Pratish Dutta the recent IIT Topper who is blind only by sight- says concept of darkness is in the mind.

Today's Guest on Sushma's Page, Ankush Sharma who writes on Sales Gayan presents below a note on Motivation for Sales Professional. Himself being one, writes his experiences too. Read him here.
Motivation does not come to us by reading motivational books, listening to motivational speeches and watching motivational stuff. Yes these things would help us for a shorter period of time and then we again get back to the square one. Most of us would listen to some motivational stuff that too when someone recommends us, at that point of time we would feel as if we are going to achieve our sales target just in a month, just because the person whom we listened to or the book that we read made us feel like that through his convincing skills. This would keep you motivated may be for a week or at the max for a month. But what after that!!! 
Motivation is all in the mind. To be a motivated Sales Professional you should:
1) Love your profession. 
2) Love your product/service you selling.
3) You Should have go-get attitude. (in an ethical way)
4) You should be able to balance your professional and personal life. This would help you in getting that mental peace which would help you focus on your targets.
5) You should reward yourself whenever you achieve something. Go for a couple of Beers with friend/family.
6) Have that hunger to achieve success.
No one can motivate you the way you can motivate yourself. Trust me NO ONE!!! Sales is all about your motivational level and I agree you cannot have that motivation of equal strength on each and every day. But that does not mean if on a particular day you do not feel motivated, everything is gone down the drain. May be you can spend that day not doing the hard core sales activities but can engage yourself in the activities that will help you once you in the field. You can:
1) Read more about your product and have a better hand over it.
2) Try reading about your competitors. Do the SWOT analysis. See where you stand among your competitor.
3) Work on your sales pitch.
4) Interact with your sales team, you might learn few things from their experiences.
This would help you to get ready for coming days and will keep your motivational level up.
Learn from your mistakes. and do not go demotivated if you are not able to crack a particular problem. At the end of the every sales call, try analyzing it, where you went wrong, what were your strong points, which particular query you were not able to handle. All this would help you get ready for your next Sales Call and will help you improve in a better way.
                                   “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

Sunday, August 26, 2012

World of Art

"What use is that talent which is not shared and spread across"...says  the talented artist Chaitra Somanath of Qatar. Today's Guest on here.
Her Web site:
Ordinary woman with extraordinary talent called art  thumping into her.

"Art can not fill your bread basket" is what I read here. "Art Santhe Bangalore" Be it painting, writing or singing. But an artist never remains hungry is what I say. And "Chaitra is one inspiration for my little artist ( who sees art even in her plate of food".
Glimpse of her life and art spell is all here for you.

She says...... 

1.About herself.
A simple person, mind full of dreams, born at Siddapur in Uttara kannada dist and brought up at Jog, a place which is famous for it’s water falls and power generation, in a small family with parents and an younger sister.
I am a self taught artist.
Ever since my childhood, I have been fond of making drawings in my drawing books, figures and cartoon characters from the story books and children’s magazines and constantly inspired by nature's beauty all around.

2. Her inspiration are many things.
My parents- My passion towards art is always encouraged by my parents. Whenever I painted something they always framed and hung it on the wall and whoever saw always praised. From there the world of art continued to grow and blossom into me.

3. The Journey.
Spending all my 16 years at Jog, we moved to Sagara, (shimoga dist) in 1995, beautiful place full of greenery and famous for sandal wood carving. That is where my childhood hobby got converted into serious pursuit of creative art. Beside my graduation I started learning different kind of art like fabric painting, oil painting, engraving, embossing, sand painting, acrylic painting by experimenting, taking information by books and people.  I read, I experiment, I learn.

Another step to my Art world- Got married to Somanath in 1999 and moved to Gujarat, A place where u can find one or more artists in each family. My husband is the real supporter for my passion for art after my marriage. There I learned glass painting soft toy making and did Diploma in Fashion designing
Then we moved to Oman where I gave a small break for my passion as my kids were small. Then moved to Qatar in 2006, got a chance to see the painting exhibition by Visual arts, started my passion once again.

4. Journey continued in Qatar
2010-My thought- What is the use of a talent if I don’t spread and pass it to others?.  I started Art class for children. I chose children to be my students. Reason being, children are budding artists where they can be moulded according to their talent.
2012 -  Milestone for me.
Held an Exhibition in March at basant mela organized by PWA Doha, Qatar. Got a very good response.
On 3rd May 2012 held another big painting exhibition at hotel Merweb which was opened by director of heritage from the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and the Indian ambassador. It was a great achievement of my life. I achieved my dream. Still long way to go, hoping to do  many more painting exhibitions ahead.

5 . Recent work shops.
19th august 2010 --- Did a free drawing and painting  workshop for children at abhilashrayam ( Orphanage at Kodige halli, Bangalore)

May, 2012 --- Candle making workshop for teachers at Al Noor institute, Doha, Qatar.

June,26th 2012 ---- Participated in the live painting programme at FCC, Doha, Qatar on account of International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

July, 2012 --- Summer work shop for Toyota staff children.

6 .  Her advice:
Every person has got some talent in her/ him. Find it, spend some time for it, and explore it.

7 .  Art for her.

Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. “It trains the Mind through the eye and eye through the mind”
Art adds a balance to my life, paintings are like magic to me, an illusion that could transcend me into other realities, I forget about myself and become completely absorbed in the work.
Painting is a way to express my thoughts.
Art brings thoughts and feelings……… it opens my mind to do something unimaginable………………..

8. Her Aim 
My aim is to pass on my talent to as many children as possible by teaching them drawing and painting.

Click on the image for clear view.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

No Proxy For Fun

Courtesy Google

An unknown dark side of your loving friend, when strikes on you like the untold lightening, you recoil in repugnance. Lost. How a drug for cure could turn into a curse too. When you learn about a young man drop dead on his dinner table, little do you realize the darker secret behind the whole anecdote?

The dreaded truth of the mere pain killer capsules. You ought to know it, and not just say no to  ProxyVon, but, unless advised by doctor never to administer any/medicine drug to self and best to avoid Palliative drugs.

The self realization for the tall dark handsome man earning heavy salary in an metropolitan city, happily and newly married to a pretty girl, when it came striking, he had missed his train. All the life's goals were drowned as he drowned himself in heaps of those cursed drugs that were once induced to him by a doctor for mere pain. The parasitic drug then paralyzed him. Diverted drug as it is labelled rightly, crept on him from 2 to 20 pills in a span of waking hours of a day. The journey of an addict had begun!

Was the medicine a cure or a curse?
A few years then rolled on with hardly anybody being in light about his new roller-coaster life. Yes, it was his love for his mistress. The addictive drug. And when the matter went exposed with all eyes on him,  his eyes were worn. He was lost. His mind crouched in corner with thoughts of guilt, dreaded feeling of loosing life. But he was not withdrawn. Putting up a brave face yet unfortunately impossibly able to recover off the seductive addiction of drugs, one night it all ended on this dinner table. " I think I will die, after taking 40 pills today" was what he told few minutes before he threw out a bad puke, collapsed on lap of his wailing wife. 
Sudden pulse drop bid good bye to the this god particle world as his eyes saw the end. He saw himself pushing through the finishing line of his life as he lay on his wife's lap and narrated why he had to leave her. Those drooling eyes will haunt her for life, but she has a request to the outer world. There is no Proxy for fun. The temporary joy those drugs give are the ones that tormentor the families of the deceased.
A drug that once relieved a minor joint pain a decade before, gradually grew upon him till it took toll of  his  breath. This truth in one set of four walls, might be on the repeating prowl in another set.
Man is an easy bait to seductive "diverted" medications and formulated drugs. The "habit forming" nature of the human brain elopes to it, yet not very easily perhaps. A Statutory warning calls for it. Lets Say no not just for PROXY VON but all the diverted drugs. This is one such medicine which has been withdrawn from the market in many of the countries including the giant America.

About Proxy Von:
What: Is a medicine that is "prescribed" for acute  muscle pain; bowel disorders. It reduces spasms and cramps of the gastro-intestinal tract
Content: Apart from Paracetamol it contains weak Opium like  content.
It is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory that is used to treat pain and swelling, with an additional element to help prevent stomach irritation and ulceration. 
Side Effects: Nausea, Dryness of mouth, forgetfulness, tachycardia, arrhythmia, confusion, palpitations, 
It was not the sweet suicide shortcut called Proxy Von that caused his death. It was not any addiction too. It is the lack of awareness about Palliative Care. It is a epidemic curse in the society which demands only awareness to act before it creeps or to curb it as it's nearness is felt.
Can one friend lost stop us from losing some more?
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Labyrinth of Anguish

The bearer of progeny,
She is
Pacifies a man's existence
Personifies love.

A bubble of life her seat,
Stretched hands, quench of love,
She was to soar.
Expecting eyes, looks of hope, she wore.

Wading in flood of hatred,
Venom of dejection poked,
Hurled stones of dislike at,
Pricked thorns of curses,
Anguish revoked?

Sheer agony, yet,
Flee to where?
Earth her Bosom,
Life her breath,
Turmoil in mind
Labyrinth of anguish,
Alas, She has just one wish.

Girl a hatred?
Woman a material piece?
"I am the Woman,
Give me my respect"
Free me of this Labyrinth of Anguish

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Johnny Walker v/s Ekta Kapoor

Just as wild as the summer air is my musing over the gender wars. Ohh the women!....Ohh these men!! and the rants that make our life much easier. Not any will escape who hasn't used these terms. None! To be sober, John Gray has put it practically as Men from Mars and Women from Venus. Now what difference does that make if I said the "Johny Walkers" versus the K's?  While the men are happy with a JW on their table, the women love to plonk on the couch watching the world famous saas-bahu serials. 

Now that I have stereotyped the gender, the feminists and the rest are firing at me probably. 
Apparently, I do not have disclaimer for my posts but if I did, I would say, this is a general case and does not stereotype "All men or All women". The sole purpose of the read is to make you laugh since laughter is the best medicine, and these days apples cost a heaven to be consumed everyday. And no animals were harmed in the making of this post. If that sounded quite appropriate.

Tighten your seat belts for the take off, of the  reading, and do so  during the safe landing of the entire reading. This ain't Air India, & please trust me, this will take you to the right destination. Promise you that.

For ages the men have been traditionally vanishing from wedding and birthday parties in the odd hours for a "quick drink". Keep walking Johnny Walker. A woman could not blame the JW anymore. Jai Ho Ekta Kapoor. She did it. She is the soul who showed glowing path to the women  in providing equal opportunity in the society with her K-serials. The K-Serials.
What a lovely pairing. The JW and the K.

Tulsi alias Smrithi Irani the heroine of K-Serials made a life time achievement by her enchanting spell over the Indian Bahu's who made every effort to keep in pace with the JW's. She has grown to the extent that few country women have started reciting holy chants and fall at her feet as they see her. And I am not speaking out of my hat. This was the case when Niteesh Bhardwaj was casted Shri Ram by Ramanand Sagar in Ramayana and the country folks fell at this feet with divine respect.

Aah. That is not my business, yes. But the benefit of doubt was my concern for Ekta Kapoor. She is so much wanted. (a tear in the left eye). The Bahus really lacked leadership abilities and not one did dare to publish a book on " 10 effective leadership qualities for Bahu's". From how you deliver a tight slap to simply "anyone!", to  how you carry yourself with extra heavy jewellery and the colourful heavy garments that you wear. And oh! much much more.

And please behold. Big applaud, now comes the proclamation:- JW says "Drinking makes me think" and every K has the right to say "Ekta Kapoor makes me act". One nice "tight slap" to the male dominated society that has made an historical impact from the capital of country to the southern part in almost every alternative soaps of the mini screen. 

Now that we did care to stir the turbulent thoughts in the mind. Settling down grazing the holy to holy shi*. The age old cross gender war has slammed so much of material for study.

By default the women ought to be crowned for their technical abilities on pinpointing minutest details on how their counterpart are caught talking over their  blue tooth almost all the time. The equally able men who may not recognize the new salwar kurtha of their better half, still manage to catch them with the cell phones in the washroom or while frying in the kitchen.

Excuse me, I want to be diplomatic when I say that the JW's who had every opportunity to tease out the women in trousers for trying their hands on jobs  that were supposed to be labelled "only for men", have a range of regular beauty care products out in the market. Easy maintenance of the handsome crowning glory. Equally strong. 
Let me be nice.

Men, the noble husbands who were once the"head of the family" have learnt to support their better half today by making their own tea, work from home, yet leave no clue to the mystery as to how they can not trust the budget estimation or route map plans made by their wives, her driving skills and so on. An extreme challenge to the K- woman. One waits to blow the devilish trumpet over the inability of the other over accomplishing something.

The wives fully utilizing their K strengths can make the most squeamish face at their hubby darlings on how a big white towel 1 foot long and 1/2 foot wide is not visible to him in his own wardrobe until the "munne kee maa" finds it for him. 
Who scores here, team JW or the team K?

Surely there is much stuff for feminist rants of various degrees and also the stereotype wars that are keeping the social media buzz on so that the "job creations" banner is never under utilized in Bhaarath.
The magical cast of the JW evolved over a longer phase than the K- factor for saas-bahu leadership qualities. Yet the match is perfect over the tight impact of K maatha.

Jai K- Maatha di. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

World in Palm

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This is no commercial for Apple I Phone or for Vodafone.  This is neither a story of mine nor of my phone. These are highlights of how Internet has transformed all parts of society, our lives(example mine). It is not just fun but also an essential entity. This post erupted out of me as a senior relative called it "supersonic" when I accepted his friend request instantly on Face Book. My reply to him was "World /Internet in our Palm"What it is to have the entire world in your palm? 

One pretty little telephone book, one big telephone bill and a time after 9pm to make STD[standard trunk dialing] calls was all that I had in my school to college days. Telephone was then proper necessity for quick talks. Long chats over phone was unimaginable. The transition from land/cable phones to mobiles was what I saw in my life when I married. My better half and his better half. Let me explain that for you. Mobile=moga-bail=moga means love in Konkani language and bail= wife. My hubby’s favorite joke then about owning a mobile and a moga-bail at once [the terms interchanged meanings apparently is the irony].  The joke is still valid and can tickle anyone for a laugh. So the transition of having the mobile phone soon got me hooked on to it for the free sms that Vodafone [previously Hutch] offered to its Vodafone- to Vodafone customers. Entire family hooked on to hutch for better savings! It was a easy tease “you too Hutch?”.  If any kannada [regional Indian Language] speaker reads Hutch pronouncing u as oo- then the meaning turns out to be "crazy". So it stated we were crazy for Hutch. Huh. Could call mom from vegetable market to check out for fresh purchase or my sis who was in hostel for anything she needed.

The transition for me into using Internet on mobile happened very late. Very very late. Only last year I was teased into this new phase. The irony is after having I-phone for 3 years and without using Internet all time, was “so dumb”.  What’s the fun I had decided, it was not going to be any fun. But the past year bloomed into fantastic phase of Time Management. All thanks to my I-Phone.[Vodafone again the exclusive dealer for apple products in Doha].

Am one "witch" who hates chopping, mixing, but a chef who still loves to feed my family with delicacies cooked by me yet not a cook! The little time I spend in my kitchen is when I enjoy the updates on some social websites. The phone hangs around with me and  vice-verse. NO- not yet  like the Japanese women it hasn’t gone to the extent of reaching the washroom.  I do render my every evening prayers to god, but could never ask for more than 24 hours in a day. So I could spend some time for myself . Thanks to the Internet. I flip on the social websites in jiffy of few seconds just before I go to bed, as I cook, or in some traffic signal. Luckily traffic police cannot fine me for confiding this on my site, and if they do it will not be for using mobile phone but for brushing hair while driving or applying lipstick or biting a burger.
The biggest boon is when I really have important emails from my University about ongoing discussions, or when I want to see quick news headlines, or even news on my little one's school web portal. I narrate her this comparison.She loves the tales of Lord Krishna specially when he eats mud and mother Yashodha sees the entire world in his mouth. I have the entire world in my palms. The Internet has landed onto my palms . My Phone. This is to my relief I share my saga with the Internet. Recently I had to remind my friend of this, who ridiculed me that I did not miss any social update.  And, when it comes to music I have always been deaf, I hear it only loud!  Lesser volume turns me off! So a closer proximity is now an added advantage.
The strategy of Internet is a pretty debating stuff. Due to some dodgy stuff that runs over the net like cure-less virus the Internet turns out to be a monstrous bane. And you could hear about parents disapproving the act of children using Internet-" dare you sit  on the Internet all the time". At the same time the other side of the coin is of those who really want to educate the progeny with the best part of the Internet making use of educational web sites for projects and etc after knowing the cons of it. Leaving the wrongs and rights away, I have experienced the do's and dont's that I set for my daughter on how well she could use the Internet; and why and what not when she does it over my phone too! This is their era. We are only upgrading and updating ourselves while they are growing with it. And Internet sure has its hands in the scene. Throwing away the risk of negative impact of Internet stuff on mobile for kids has to be vide ethical computer education and not by banning use of Internet pally phones.

Started with pretty little handbook containing telephone number, today it is a pretty little phone in my palms. Wonder if it will be a chip tomorrow that I could use as ear rings or a neck-lace or a wrist band may be? Monster called Internet in the hands of the witch! The strategy of Internet was fun, so was penning this down and  now let me run to my undone unending chores.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


28 yeras apart[my little one and my hubby here]
Little girls are father's darlings.
The time buzzer rings.
Her footsteps mature into bigger, following that of father. 28 years apart then will seem a newer picture than the one today where the tiny toes stretch to reach her dads....
Dad-daughter race [picture courtesy my hubby and my little one]
Dad daughter race,
Dad fears.  Soon the daughter outgrows his trace,
She has to grow up independent and bold,
As the father grows old.

Cherished moments of today are going to be supports for tomorrow. Little daughters chatters will be future verses to rember and sing........

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Wherever You Are

It all began with just  a piece of news. A sad demise, that can shake you off. Why is "death" a fact so hard to gulp down.Why is it like a dagger at your heart leaving one scar on your mind?

My eyes dint like a wink of sleep. Every time the eyes closed his face gleamed in the minds eye. An unbearable restlessness. Thoughts rushing in like roaring waves. Accumulation of numerous memories, cherished time spent with him, refused to leave the mind. Now and then would the mind say oh-no, oh why! Alas. It was the end of his journey of life.
It is a hard fact. The moment filled in me with deep grief never to cease. Ears dint want to hear anything more. Appetite was long forgotten. Air around seemed so dull. Life around you seemed like a reel of slow motion. Deep mourning sadness creeping upon constantly and endlessly....Rotation of thoughts continued. Had to pause after all, it was not the end. It is another beginning for the rest of us without him.

He lived his life neatly for these 90 years. Well organised and disciplined person as he was known for. 

Whether you will turn into a star twinkling in the sky, or whether you will be another fairy in the heaven; I will always miss you on this earth; BUT you will remain alive in my hearts dear "ajju". All that I can say is, what I am today is majorly attributed to my Grandpa dear- you taught me discipline you taught me love, you made me laugh. You shared my dreams. You were the one from whom I inherited not just genes but the humanity. 

Peace be with you, wherever you are.

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