Monday, November 07, 2011

Mamma-Iam the Rapunzel

Rapunzel and the Prince [J's Collection]

It  was exactly three weeks ago my little daughter returned home [flashed in is the right word for the speed that she enters] too excited "Mamma I am the Rapunzel in the Skit being played for the School Annual Day". " Look at what you did to my beautiful hair"-she was cross with me . Because of chicken pox boils on head this summer I had snipped off her hair! She has always marveled long hair. The new Bob- Style made her enthusiastic. She dressed different, combed different loved her new hair do. Alas! This Rapunzel skit and she plunged back into plan 1Long hair is nice!
Now with Annual day preparations just round the corner, though the skit is a suspense to parents J [J-my daughter for you] recites all her dialogue with her accent, gestures and vibrancy.
A part of the skit goes like this:
J[Rapunzel playing with her long golden hair, sitting at the window, sad]: "Ohhh how I wish I had an I-pod so I could listen to some music".
One day the prince passing by sees her and says " Rapunzel let down your golden hair so I can climb up".
J: "Ohh please use a step ladder instead. You know how many days it takes to clean and dry my hair. Moreover these days the contaminated water and dandruff has damaged my hair you know!
Prince: But...But Iam supposed to climb up the hair not the ladder. eh?
[psss: J says the prince is shorter than her yet her Ms.Kares says it's manageable]
That was hilarious indeed. So  I understand in the pretext of turning the skit into humorous one there is a message too.  Caring for the hair in today's contaminated environment.
I see my childhood in J. All the silly little things that she treats her hair with puts me into the so called "going into the past" mode. Like telecast in many cartoons and  movies, press a special button and you can walk into your past. J is like the time machine for me!
It was long ago, at her age I too fantasized long hair. I would be often found with a dupatta's [dupatta] hanging on the head imitating long hair. Would spend long time admiring the hair, turning it around, tossing & feeling it on the shoulders. At times I would run crazily in the garden shaking my hair left to right. Smelling it after the shampooing was my favourite. I might have looked like fool. Secret is I do all that now too! You can bet on my attempting all the silly pleasure imagining my hair also loves to be pampered like a queen. I make sure that she adores me for all the attention and fuss that I pour on her.
Now, I see J clinging onto "wigs". Globalisation and changed world! From old dupattas to fancy wigs. The picture on the right is just one sample of the collection of her dreamy  world of hair-do's that she cant possess naturally. A curly hair, a blond, and so on. Let me assure you it's not just that. There are an array of types of combs and brushes for her hair that shes collected. "Any commercials of shampoos that mesmerizes her and she'll place a request to me if she could try it. Nothing newer than what I did. I have been an organised care taker of my hair. She makes me feel lively. She's oiled and wahsed in regularly. Nothing new in that? There is. I take a fancy for experimenting many different kinds of herbal hair oil. Buying them every time I visit India and stocking them here is called "patience" by my friends. "You can have an exihibition" teases my hubby some times. Googling on the fundamenatals of keeping the hair roots stronger these days is a necessary past time for me now. So for my follower J too! 

It was in class ten one day that I was in hyper great mood. Hair neatly washed and set and I went around swinging it left right some stylish techniques. My best friend usually asked me what do you do to your hair. I dont deny how wanted question that was! huh appealing attention gathering techniques of teens. Specilly about hair. Proudly I boasted but sarcastically "Nirma". I blurted. Perhaps I had some secrests with me about the products. The incident however brigns in laughter on my lips even today.  As if the scene is still. We were climbing up the steps of first floor with our small skirts bouncing and couple of books in hand. As I climbed every step I shook my head to ensure the hair bounced and tossed hapily in the air with the new fragrance of my shampoo too. And what an attitude of telling Nirma, even after the much wanted attention was payed. Yeah it was me. And still do that when it come to hair.
A common habit of people yanking at your "pony tail" or your hair. And the other still scene moment I recollect is in my Engineering days. My senior friend found me on the corridor and came rushing behind me and yanked at my plaited hair.  That was it. The kind of scrowl that I gave and kind the kind of fury my eyes threw is still fresh in him and he mimics me even today about my ahughty behaviour. You and your hair! he says even today.
As for J she is happy go lucky girl. Playful and a typical girl. She might forget brushing her teeth before bed time but not her hair!
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All said and done, to brief in a point do we see the X-factor there?. The Love for hair.
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