Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Through The Terrific Traffic

This post depicts only my experience in humorous way and means no offense to anything or anybody in anyway.
The traffic lights turned green and all the cars of that row zoomed straight and haulted with breaks abruptly. The Traffic Police diverted the traffic unusually. I was a victim too. Alright. Late home today too. Immediately my daughters tears [crocodile tears] apeared in my mind as I walk home late or work on saturdays.
Drat the traffic of the city. Now that is just the beginning of my tale of the terriffic traffic .
It was not just one diversion that pissed me off. Several ones on the way that made me go round the bush. Was that all. The fuel tank could go empty any time unusually of me as I am a prompt visitor to the fuel station feeding my Land Cruiser on time. In anxiety I turned the air conditioning off perhaps that would help?
I peeked out . Rows of cars. Some honked [against road rules of Qatar though] in frustration. Some moved restlessly behind the wheels. One has his hands on his forehead wonder what awiats at home from his wife who might take this traffic tale to be tall story after all to hide his being late perhaps. Am sure each one had thier own story. It was a lengthy and troublesome traffic issue. Wonder that the reason was anyway.
The cars were absolute stationary. The traffic did not move an inch and on another side I noticed a white lady frantically running her fingers through her mobile and often looking out of the window. I wondered may be she was lost! Critics picturise blondes as " dumb brunettes".
The dirty traffic did after all add a bit of fun just when a car pulled in beside mine with some arabs who kept the window glass lowered, threw cigar ahes down on the road, laughed loudly and honked often I noticed all this from the corner of my eye. My blood boiled. I breathed full. [Has anybody seen the movie Singh is King where they humorously show the blood in the bottle literally boiling- Khoon khaula- Ha Ha] But  immediately my  conscience prompted me to just continue looking  straight, and neglect them.
Phew! What an evening. Every day travel of 20 minutes was replaced by 90 minutes today when I finally zoomed into my parking.My daughter peeked in through the balcony. Earlier as I had called, amid-st  the traffic I was concerned  for the girl waiting and had told her about the delay. But was ashtonished to receive a unexpected answer from her "don't worry amma- the traffic will soon clear, I shall call you in between and throw a kiss on the phone".  Huh. I wondered who shuld have been telling this actually. My girl is growing up fast!
Well, this was an hurried interminable post , perpetual thoughts zooming in and out. My head spins but my writer heart prompts me to finish this post till the finishing line. And that reminded me of my athlete times when though I was a sprint I ran the 400m race like a horse and  towards the end I could see blurr figures outside the track shouting "S.K [Sushma Kalllianpur for you] , you can do it, common, little more.....pull..and you can finish it"  cheering me to keep up the winning place.