Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Have to Go

Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end.friendship scraps, images, quotes graphics for orkut, myspace
They simply mean I'll miss you, Until we meet again

Its absolutely time I reminded myself this popular quote as a dear friend's family departs from Doha in couple of Days. We were dismayed upon learning this news. Though the real fact so hits hard teaching us how we go with the flow in life and how we ever cannot simply get so attached to someone whom you will dare not feel like departing with?
The interesting part about the beginning of our journey together owes to our  "cloth hanger shopping". Uhh, we[me and Hubby-H] were in deep discussion as to what kind of hangers will suit out new closets. We had just moved into Doha. Felt an figure moved closer to me and H smiling suddenly at an stranger. "Hi, I am new to Doha, heard you speaking konkani and couldn't stop by to say hello". That was the introduction the stranger threw at us, and we were all overjoyed. That introduction led to endless chats. Finding friends hailing from your native, speaking your mother tongue is nevertheless a welcome sign to any"body".
We awaited his family to fly from Mumbai. My daughter found a friend of  her age too. The winter evening and our first family get together in my dining hall is fresh in my memory. As for me I had discovered someone who drew so close to heart with the waves of friendship that today as I look back down the memory lane - I thank him, the sounds of his words emanating from pictures in my mind's eyesFor had he decided not to talk, I  assume there were very faint chances I would have met Chandrika who is so dear to me today.
We had found a family away from family as we lived in this desert away from dear and near ones.
4+ years have rolled over since those times leaving heavy impressions on our cherished memories. We have shared our joys. sorrows, countless seconds of feelings and views, our lives. Our children found a companion in each others soul. Yes, all ingredients of the special friendship are all there.
Huh, when the geographical separation seems so tough to handle, it is this post that makes me feel 1% lighter today.

My cognitive senses tell me the notion of friendship to be one hard nut to crack. I mean, much has been said about what makes one a "great, good, best,......x,y,z" friend. 
Ask me. I say I don't have any words to quote on this!. Simply an feeling it is. If you have experienced, yes that is the way.
I have very much experienced. Absolutely. Have been lucky to have some handful of 'friends" [ I don't add any adjective with it].
Perhaps I could not stop if I started penning my mind on this notion. On second thought I would definitely declare one line. Some spiritual inspirations/ beliefs that comes in to you when you feel the friend who trust in you and accepts just as you are is definitely friendship.