Thursday, July 21, 2011

Recipe of Scrumptious Chanburo

A chinese, mexican dish? Does it sound like one? The most popular "masala puri" pesented in a unique mouth watering form. The puffed rice in its unique masala form presented called "Chanburo" in Konkani language "Churmuri" in Kannada.

This Salesman is found at the Malpe Sea Shore, selling churmuri. Mobile shop can say. The last time I visited Malpe I have taken this shot while eating the scrumptious food that he made.



Onions -  finely choppedCarrots- gratedCucumber- finely chopped
Raw mango- finely grated (optional)
Green chilies- 2 finely chopped
Tomatoes- finely cut (optional)
Red chilly powder -1/2 tsp or according to taste
Salt to taste
Lemon juice to taste
Pea nuts- optional
Oil -very little [1 table spoon for 2 cups of puffed rice]
Coriander leaves- finely chopped for garnishing

Method: Nothing special. All ingredients to be mixed in order, garnished by oil and coriander leaves.

I dedicate this post to the C-Day of round 9 of ABC Wednesday meme. Please click here for details and more shots.