Friday, July 22, 2011


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Writing shoots out tremendously by instance to me. The instance when any event, thought mesmerises me, I cant wait till pen it down on my blog. I have been repeting that I can write on any to many things. Memoirs form major part of writings.

As is a weekend , today we made the usual overseas calls to our family back in India and as usual my daughter ['J' for you ] showed all anger on my parents over the phone. She had a reason this time!

Thats exactly what you will read about below and I would call it "her sweet revenge on her grandparents".

April 29th  of 2011 was a much awaited day for me, my husband and my daughter. My parents flew that day to visit us from India. Each year we wait spending time with them, and this time an longer period planned fascinated all of us. Oh! This and that we shopped. New set up at home. What not.  Moments with grand parenst for my J is absolutely heavenly. The pampered girl went crazy with their arrival.

Some one to sit beside her in her play room always. Listen to all her chatters to blabbers. Her funny tantrums filled them with joy. The Ballet concert of J was one day they rejoiced. Proud girl with proud grand parents. They visited her school during open house. Met her teacher.
So many outigns were planned. Literelly planned on planner, hand written, yes mind it. All went accordingly and days passed by. Fine.
Occassionally my husband would tease me by saying Iam surviving some very good food till my Mother in law is here.

So what is that still marks the "revenge" as suspense? Please continue reading for that.

Yes, days passed by. Social parties with good party, games, fun happenned too. And 40 days passed after their visit. It was a Friday morning J was droped by me to a drawing competetion [on which she won a prize too]. I was driving when I received a unusual call from India. Had to attend it and the news that I was given stunned me.
Some things like the hard bare truth of life, yet so hard, yes, to digest when it actually happens.
I had to rush home, break the news to my parents. Alas. My dad had lost his dad, this morning. Yes. The moments cant be described in words, niether is my post a focus on it. A sudden hustle bustle to pack, buy tickets for the evenig flight to India all happened in 2 hours. Soon was the time for J to return from her painting competition.
What would I explain her? All time in the car she jumped excitedly explaining to me her experience of the morning, her friends she met, and what not. My ears were all to her, yet the matter dint sink in. Something else deeply hurt my heart and mind. And how would I ever convince the girl who bid good bye that morning to her grand parents who were sleeping about their bags packed in the next couple of hours?  All set to fly back, so suddenly!
The moment she realised this, she flared with anger, irritation. Wept. Alright. A phase. Death as a concept, emergency as a matter were tough facts to digest for the 7 year old. She stormed into thier room often. A trauma of emotions crept into her. An sad air swept around us. House seemed cold in the hot summer. Quite , dull and cold. Food untouched. J woudnt budge from her word. "Why are you going suddenly?  I hate you. I am not comming to India this summer". She declared to the already sad old couple after loss of their 90 year old dad. That was her sweet revenge she declared on them.
With both of us working, she has always spent her summer holidays of school with grand parents in India alone.
Today it is 35 days after that uneventful day and J maintains her revenge. She dint actaully fly to India. As she spends her summer here first time in the past 5 years, I made several attempts in explaining her about death. The reason that made her grandparents leave our house so suddenly. Today J seems so unerstanding and wise. Proud of you  sweet little angel.
The sweet revenge she planned, gave me time to explain her a concept of life, rather the end of life, a certain death to any living being on this planet.
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