Sunday, June 19, 2011

Idiot Box musings

Many parents use television as baby sitter for hours until they wind up their chores. Perhaps the idea isn't bad enough provided the median has been drawn between its nativities? So where and how is that median drawn?

Courtesy-Gulf Times dated 13th May 2011
That title is apt. Ultimate baby feeder indeed.

Don't one of you want to bet this tops any of the family discussion boards. A formal "family peace breaker' which was labelled long back as idiot box. The television set gains more titles and curses today in spite of the strong media information, entertainment that it provides.

Why, it was a panic stroke watching the new television advertisement by Zee-Telefilms productions. They highlight a family checking into a hotel discover there is no Z-TV available and opt not to check in there!

Today the media being so strong and being part of our lives featuring important news and shows also outrageously features such numerous shows that I bet ultimately one forgets to note when he/she has crossed the median and is attracted towards addiction.

A human brain so predisposed to television watching that today "Addiction to TV" doesn't remain a metaphor any more. Name it mania, addiction or priority, disorder...what not.

Limiting a household to one television tops to be hot issue too. One is very busy in today technology era. Multitasking. But sure find time for TV. Excuses and reasons are conveniently discovered nevertheless.

So immense is the effects of one plugged in or hooked on to TV that we have some fine books written today like 'xxxx ways of controlling TV addiction"; Glued to the Tube;

Now, is there anything left for me to pen?. I wouldn't. Point is clear. So we want to be part of the addictive or the non is our choice.