Saturday, June 25, 2011

I love Barbie and Pink

Colour colour which colour do you wish to choose?
"Pink" Pat came the reply. My little daughter's [J] room was found painted pink the next day! J [J for Jui my daughter] loves all in pink. All possible things....yes.
Why  of-course this colour is tagged for them. If you happen to see a new born in hospitals wrapped in pink, don't take trouble to know the sex of the baby. Its her. And its him if the wrapping is blue. A distinct colour association methodology begins here in their birth place and the journey continues. So much so that, J cannot digest even a writing pencil in blue. Ohhh its "boys" colour. Huh. two years ago our lovely pet love birds "Ace and Angel" joined our family, entering royally in their "pink cage". Thankfully  multicolored bird feed aren't available to me here.

In this barbie era it isn't surprising J finds fantasy for barbies. A whole lot of them have filled up her room, her mind. Name a item and she has it. All in pink. These slender cute dolls dress in pink, eat in pink. J defines her own barbie world with pink toy castles , two of them rather. Furnished castles, with their own tea-sets, closets, cloth hangers, loo with "cute pot" and what not.  Needless to mention the colour now?

Insistingly  she will point at anything in pink. from the  toys, clothes, to her handbags or school bags . We have gotten used to the pink world as she grows. Her luminous essence of choice has gotten into us stubbornly well. There isn't another choice either. As you enter her zone/her room you not only stare at pink walls but also other paraphernalia. Amazing.

Art is one pure element of human happiness that trains mind through eye and eye through mind. Art colours life. J is quite enthusiastic about art, drawing and painting and loves it. An organised portfolio in this link also adds to her passion. It was in her age 2 times, she would scribble one page with maximum possible colours, clap and stare at it and it would all fascinate her. Hardly 27 months old she was. J returned from her play school to excitedly about her drawing book. A happy apple and a sad apple was drawn and both were coloured quite neatly to earn a good from her teacher. Only thing that made us laugh was the apples that had turned pink ! I had to remind her this incident after 5 years last week when she came laughing at a small kindergarten girl who painted a parrot pink in a drawing competition. Girls..girls! 

As I mentioned how the pink sinks in so much within us these days that today's incident is worth mentioning. My hubby away on business trip is shopping for us and called me this morning for my choice of bags and few clothes. Repeatedly pink, pink. I burst out from my office, actually furious, why am I "pink-framed". Huh. He then suddenly realized. "I love Barbie and pink" he joked.
The tales of pink are unending.....................

If I had to think about my favorite colour I mused, I don't have one. But yes, green does fascinate me all time. Perhaps because of the love for plants. Quite crazily I change the background of my blog overnight in different greens. Guys who have been noticing this might have found it amusing? 

Visual perceptions of beholders eyes can fancy different sensitivities towards things the eyes see. A rainbow appearing most beautiful to a pair of eyes might fade after a moment and look more gorgeous if it were a Zebra.
At times the sky appears soothing. But I can imagine the sky clad with a rainbow coloured Saree with arms spread..........colours can set wings to imaginations. Colourless will not do less. But yes, colours can set wings to imaginations.....................

I read somewhere, "Laundry is the only thing to be separated by colours".............

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