Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Who's stronger, bugs or drugs?

Its all about the diminishing effects of the antibiotics/irrational use of it; and/or the increased mutations of the bugs like bacteria or virus.
Times of India ran a small article here -click this.

Do we give up easily today for  infections, conveniently consuming loads of antibiotics? At least this is what I hear and fear is happenning around us many times.
Last morning I happened to watch a regional"kannada" TV Channel also featuring a program on this topic.
We catch cold, fever,sinusitis often. Just as we feel we are getting better it doesn't. So what do we do. We are prescribed antibiotics. But will "antibiotics" kill virus? VIRUS being main cause for the infections of throat, nose, eyes. They only are portions of our DNA unlike living bacteria which cannot be killed by antibiotic medicines. Hence the target turns out to be the living cells, infections are curbed, and immune system takes over the viral attack after consuming antibiotics.
However it points at the condition that our inclination to antibiotics for any minor viral attack is to be curbed. We need to build up immune system stronger, goes the thought today.
How does the antibiotics work ? The infectious toxins produced by bacteria are so quick that it challenges the immune system of the body. Hence antibiotics come in picture to kill the bacteria directly.
But antibiotics loose effectiveness with time. Often they tend to kill the bacteria super quick making one feel better fast too. Yet, threats of leaving behind some mutations of the target bacteria poses danger of infections to recurring return which harms the body. These off springs of the bacteria reproduce and fight against body's immune system. Frequency of usage and the dosage matter a lot.
So is frequent usage of antibiotics not advised? Read this piece of news- frequent usage.
Where do we stand now?. Some recent news stating about irrational use of antibiotics was this -click here for that news.

Perhaps it all points towards the fact of stressing on consuming lot much of food rich in nutrition; avoiding junk as much as possible; work on immune systems. Especially with today children who devour a variety of junk or non- home made food frequently?

Note:- Am promised a guest post on this topic again by my doctor sister. Hope soon we will read the doctors version on this one.