Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Upkari"- From my kitchen

Serve hot, eat at one shot, even a  lot.
Let me know, if you give this a shot
1. Not a good cook.
2. I eat to live not other way.
3.Special cookeries are out of my dictionary.
My cooking calibre projected. Yet I present this mouth watering "upkari" that's the pride of my kitchen today.
picture courtesy: self
1] Tindora [ivy gourd, tondli, tendli are few names it is familiar with in India]
2] Fresh cashews
Cutting method:-length wise slits
3]Fresh grated coconut
4] Mustard seeds, Red chillies, Curry leaves
5] Cooking oil [preferably sunflower oil]

Heat a spoon full oil in pan. Add mustard seeds. As it splutters, add curry leaves and red chillies[whole,slit or pieces]. Next add Tindas, sprinkle salt. Cover it and cook on low flame. Once the vegetable is cooked add the cashews and cook little more. Just before we put off the flame, sprinkle freshly grated coconut.

Simplest & tastier. It is a common- typical and notable Konkani dish called 'upkari". Easier to pronounce and memorise than the names of any Italian Dish or French that we rattle off, isn't it?

I dedicate this post to the U-Day of round 9 of ABC Wednesday meme. Please click here for details and more shots.