Sunday, January 02, 2011

Gokarn Visit

Enchanting beauty of the Konkan coast, along the South Indian state of Karnataka and Goa with the mesmerizing beaches, hills, the very air paralyzes any man on knees with stretched hands towards its  outrageous extremity.....

"Gokarn" is one such paradise in its own magnitude. Known for temples, the history of this place can be found here. in Wikipedia.

My visit there with my family lasted for an evening, a night, & the following morning till lunch only.

The flight from Doha's desert to the beautiful Goa, elated our holiday spirits. "Nimmu House"  a popular,  guest house or Home Stay to be precise, located opposite the beach giving us the feel at home attitude excited us.

Gushing winds pushed by the sea waves  beckoned us straight there. Neat, small room painted in blue colour with concrete closet with a mosquito repellent and creaking ceiling fan gave it all a enthralling look.
As we got busy unpacking, Hubby ensured the loo was super clean and nice, and daughter stuck to the open balcony her eyes fixed at the roaring waves beating the promenade made with big black boulders at the shore. Unusually she was silent, toothless smiles to herself. I decided to leave her alone. The cloudy evening sky, winds and the beckoning water stretch could not keep us indoors for long.
Though tired, we started towards the shore and a nearby hilltop temple where "Lord Rama" is worshiped The fascinating point is that without any discrimination any outsider, any foreigner prays in this place. The exterior opens into an cemented arch, a place to sit and look down at the vast shore. No words can fill the gap here, the splendid moments that we spent there.

From inside the temple, is believed, runs a long tunnel till "Kashi" the famous religious place in North India, which was created and used by a sage in the good days of saints and gods and goddesses. Irrespective of the fact, we concentrated on the surroundings. Daughter was all busy watching most of the Spanish, German and other nationality visitors clad in orange attire deeply in the meditating mode. The sunset appeared wild from the hilltop. My girl's constant chattering and inquisitiveness dint disturb any person sitting there. Soon after darkness grew & the mosquito bites compelled us to leave the place.

The home stay dinner awaited us. Steaming hot radish leaves cooked with spices and grated coconut sat in my steel plate and I could not wait for the rest of the food to be served so I could gobble it all up. The India rice is good announced my girl. The taste of the similar dinner menu at Doha would not taste the same, I agree. A night walk along side the beach was just the final touch for the day after which we retired to the rooms and slept like dead logs.

Unbelievably, the alarm gave up after ringing many times perhaps since none of us woke up. We opened eyes only when my relative banged on the doors and got us ready to visit another venue "OHM Beach". Yes some foreign visitor long ago noticed from the hill top a certain shore appears in the shape of letter 3 or "Ohm" which is the Hindu religious symbol, and named the beach after it. On the way we payed visits to all the temples located there. As we walked on the local streets, turning our heads left and right constantly watching the street stalls with colour full shops of clothing, bags, numerous beads and neck laces made out of them, and hubby noticed tender coconuts. Relished the amazing natures fruit.
Walking further around, some of the hut houses still smelt of fresh dung[cow dung] which is traditional way of spreading it on the front porch of the house coloured art being made with white calcium carbonate powder. Rangoli adorned most houses.

The ride on a 2 wheeler to the beach across the town on its non-bitumen roads was an interesting part. As we stepped into the beach we had an urge to get into the water. One one boulder splashed the medium waves with its thrusting style and made sprinkling effect around, a scene that we so often see in any romantic Bollywood movies. We stood on this boulder enjoying the splashes for a while. The fat layer of moss on the stone finally slipped us down and we got into the water. With her new lemon green bikini just purchased from Goa, my girl rolled over on the sands; and whenever waves ran on her she'd shriek and scream sometimes attracting people around wondering if she was in trouble!

After finishing the water enthusiasm we settled under branches of a low tree avoiding sun bathing.
After the lunch, was scheduled our travel out of Gokarna and I was planning next how do I remove the amount of sand that had accumulated on my girl's head!

A great tourist attraction lures the local landowners to build restaurants in midst of trees and on hills. We entered one such place serving the tastiest sea food we ever had. A heavy lunch and that's it, the count down began as the time to depart had arrived.

Needless to say, Gokarna itself a attractive tourist spot while the home stay justified our stay there.

Nimmu House-Picture for you all

Guest house bookings

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