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How About Some Reality This Holi?

If we began believing and following all the philosophy from the white pages we would be scholars by age 18. None of us are born stars either. Certain things in life come by experience. Either your experience or by feeling the experience of another. It is said that burning of your negativity is as easy as burning the pyre of the Holi. Was it actually so easy? I connected my experiences to my determination and decided to practice it this Holi. By burning away my 3F-Three fears (Fear, of failing, falling and trying something new) and let in more colours in life.

How many of us with no aqua-phobia have taken our bold step towards that pounding surf with all our willpower but stepped back at the sight of it rumbling. Did the sound of the waves beat all our will? So it happened that our mind was preset to beat the image of the humongous wave washing the shore but not for that sound it made?

How many of us who have no batophobia (fear for heights) tried to take the birds eye view of earth  from tallest tower yet immediately taken our sight off towards sky calling out oh my God? Wondering what exactly went wrong? I had to go through this plenty of times myself before all the philosophy I had read or the  rosy quotes actually began to make some sense.

Yes, in the past, I have taken a long journey by a slow train that actually went on for 18 hours among the deadliest dacoit haunted route. Yet ironically my dynamism challenged myself, where I had the fear of joining my new assignment, trying out the new routine of life, at my destination.
I have been paragliding over the Arabian Sea for 30 minutes, yet my momentary fear for heights does not sometimes allow me to take the escalator to 4th floor of a mall and I end up taking the elevator.
I can swim swiftly in 16 feet deep swimming pool, yet the gushing oceanic wave sends in shiver up and down my spine as I stand gazing at the shore feeling the salty smell of ocean, with eyes wide open. Such paradox situations have flooded many of my life's adventures and perhaps one of you could relate to some of these too.

Most of my decisions in the recent past have been handy tool already in eradicating my 3F. Giving a big wave off to my routine office work, embracing the most wonderful and responsible job of being a housewife, was a tremendous task. 
In another decade from now, I would be accomplishing half century of my life. Put it this way, it sounded more perfect. Life's tangents are drawn with few spices of knowledge and new experiences.

My willpower found it's own nerves. My each step found it's own reference to a new window. Taking life as it comes following unprejudiced determinations.

In simple words, experience and experiment cannot be replaced by philosophy read repeatedly. This weekend I simply decided I ought to burn the pyre of Holi. Logically flag some negativity off my persona. 

The festival of colours, the end of the devil, beginning of good, the onset of the beautiful spring, right to stay happy always and step off our negativity forever.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


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