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Blank Draft

Her Dream

Life Is An Art

Graduating In Social Media

A picture says thousand words. Sometimes a thousand words aren't enough to paint one picture - quoted by myself graduating in Social Media.

Every new year beginning calls for a unique celebration. This year I completed the ritual by naming our lovely new pair of love birds as "5G and WiFi"!!

We are wading through a trough of an era where we have a life online and another offline. Downloading and uploading pictures, serious tweets, fun and much on FaceBook, share stories on google plus and after all done write a blog and conclude by the WhattsApp ritual. 

From good morning to good night WhattsApp is the life. Whats happens offline in between is the lie. We have stopped smiling at the camera. Squeamish faces is the new trend. Scrolling your fingers vigorously is the new yoga. Filtering information we want is a important task. World is a bit too small now. We just ping the veggie- whasttsapp guy and fresh spinach is at your door. I google, and research the FB and youtube for b…