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Picture taken in Petra City of Jordan.

Male In India. Made In India

I dare to wash anything away, that comes in my way.

Just look at this picture. I just don't want to go by the fact, why only this beautiful lady? Why not a man?

I swear, most men could beat her and deserve a place on that box of detergent too. Stereotypical aren't we? Whoever says the men are from mars and women are from the kitchen? Something does not go too well there.
Made in India men are definitely classified into categories. Ones who can do their own laundry or the family's and the rest who are babies of their mothers and then of their wive's.
The made in India type of Male in India aren't rare species at all.
Definitely there are male species that wash their clothes. Not just his but for his family too. Here is an example for you. This man found as the writer's husband surely has been setting an grand example for any gender bias protest. He can fix amazing breakfast on weekend, make best tea, run the dishwasher, clean the car too. Why,  he can do the laun…

Honey I Am Pregnant

The day I almost fitted back into my old jeans four months after the baby was out, I was as happy as reaching Mars myself.  Only those mothers who have bothered to walk in worst ever cat walk throughout pregnancy, with the baby bump, can relate to my madness.

Few months before it was, when my family was finally frustrated, how terribly I was worried about inflating and inflating to a double XL size, outgrowing my beautiful wardrobe, they consoled me. Come on you have given a good news! In my India there is only and only one meaning to the "good news".  That's when you are going to be "mommy darling".
How I just subscribed into vomiting for 9 months. After a big Diwali clean-work rush, when you decide to iron your laundry and almost faint on the laundry table, all you are told is to rest. The real haunting symptom was yet to come, when you puke and fuss and finally rush to the doctor who doesn't refuse to analyze your waste and declare you are now eligible to …