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Death Of A Sexist

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Has any of you with sons there, walked into baby stores and picked toys bright pink and purple? How about pink and purple clothing? No? Well, wait till you want to prove the paradigm wrong. I have been doing so. Few years ago, I used to buy gorgeous Barbie and thousands of her accessories for my little girl! Also bought Barbie her boy friend, castles and what not! I thoroughly enjoyed watching my girl spend hours dressing and undressing Barbie and cooking plastic meals for a party. Now, imagine my son doing the same!

Wondering he will soon come back to his senses. He must only be doing his job. Pile up toy cars and trucks, fire few bullets from his toy gun and box me right and left. Well, that's what he is expected to do, right?  

Now, If i called it sexism, would you agree with me or not?

On other hand, in our self absorbed sane society we have gender specific roles. Woman has to cook whatsoever happens, and the man is the head of the family. We are assigned rules by our normal society and we ought to behave in that sane fashion. Men definitely cant use lip balms, except for the fair and lovely unless it is certified by television soap or commercials. Women can take decision, but,  with the permission of the man. Irony died! 

Don't blame us.  It is the norms of our society substantiated by ourselves each day each moment. This is the rule 1 from stone age times, except that, then the women were not found in pink bikini's and the men in blue "langoti".

There is a sexist in our inner self. Yes. We do. That’s the way we have been brought up. These are essentially  men and women rules in our society. That's our normal.  We can brag about our girls riding a bike, travel alone for work, but we fuss about our little boys dressed in frocks. No they are to be brought up like "real men". They cant cry! They cant play in the kitchen. No. 

I have begun to come to terms with changing times. We  women can head companies and our men have won master chef awards, worldwide. Man, can change diapers, rock a baby to sleep, cook meals enthusiastically while woman can run projects and drive a car in the middle of night. Male and female qualities have performed very well and are now in the reversal way. Activists are proposing a  new phenomenal era. Our Bollywood "ke sitare" are empowering women through videos. So much so that one of the star goes to extent of  making this popular video. My Choice .
Woman has her choice! Be it sane or not!

But lot many viral stuff are loaded on the internet every morning. Funny jokes on men, on women. The bad drivers on the road are the women or the bad multitasking men. Stereotyping the colour code. The sexist in us is the living devil for the functioning of a normal society. But on the contrary the changing society has presented few wonders. I often see a woman running champion who posts pictures of her biceps on face book and receives 1000 plus likes. I see men doing the baby sitting while the women run late from office. For the granny's and aunties, this must seem like a insane idea. What a shame, she cant be home before the man and make a cup of tea for him. What a pity, aunty, times are changing. And those of us who dare to think and behave differently are worshiped as aliens. It takes decades for the aunties to realize they are not wrong but we are right too.  However aunty cant stop saying "yeno appa egina makklu". (The children these know...!). Single woman are still looked upon with raised eye brows. Call it the curiosity floods or the society norms, whether is successful in life or not. she has to be tagged a Mrs to attain the nirvana of our sane society norms. Is it?

When a child is born in the hospital, the nurse plunges into tying a pink ribbon if a girl and a blue for a boy. This is mere a colour code! Not a program to be run for entire life. 

There are no rights and wrongs. There is evolution. There is knowledge, and education. And until we come to terms that the gender specific evolution is head long, we ought not declare the death of a sexist in us.


  1. In the last couple of decades if we observe, there are many commendable changes that happened without any great social upheavals. Sexism has also to an extent come down. With due course of time I believe a collective social awareness will develop. Great post


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