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Journey With Honey

That Same Shy, Town Girl

That same shy girl of the town That same street, gulmohar tree, home very own Cows at the gate, same scene As, each time I come in
A decade, more, did less change to the sight People had hair more grey and light Familiar faces, that auto driver, news paper man My home, I spent half my life span
Full of kids, that same children's park Delightful watch, strikes day's spark Older ones kicking foot ball in ground Same people, same home, earth is round
That same shy girl of this town Once with, striped bermuda, glasses on Peddling away on the cycle, puffing and panting Is now - On that memory lane rumbling, & on blog ranting.
P.S.- That girl in the words is none other than myself. A peek into my hometown as I step there each year.

Animated Birthday My Dear Blog

In the whirlwind of blogging experience, I have dealt with a humongous learning path. 
The shrill alarm of my memory rang too hard and I hit my laptop without hesitating to abandon my dinner fixing half way. Now what is it all about? Just before one could say R.I.P to my dear blog " ", for being idle quite long, I realized I had completely forgotten my blog's 5th birthday too! It was in October of 2015. It has been five years since I plunged headlong into blogging and ranting. 
In recent one year I have been completely drowned in activities with my two kids but now it was about time, I showed some justice to my beloved blog who's been my best and silent friend all time. She listens to all my woes and happy stories. Moreover, she would not receive birthday wishes on Facebook unless she was set on birthday reminder. Here, I rejoice her birthday. She turned five silently and has been growing well all these years. My learning path has ascended right up…