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What's Aging?

What's aging? An wandering soul, Manipulated mind set, Creaking bones, On a marathon to an, heavenly existence, Ultimately reching hell, Or the other way!
Why would I age? A life that's... A linear progressive discipline, An army of blood cells, Marching onto, Not a, perpetual existence, Feeding the mind and the body, Only till the bones grow weak!
I am not aging. Why should I after all?
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My "Key Prayer"

O Lord I hold a prayer Can you please CUT me Or try to COPY me And PASTE me into past
No OPTION? Is a CONTROL there? Or a SHIFT option?
There is no RETURN, from where I reached
SHIFT me as least Give me a ALTernative CLEAR my way, thoughts
Bring me BACK Show me HOME AND shower on me your blessings There is no RETURN from where I reached
CTRL+ALT+DEL is possible? CUT / COPY + PASTE ? If not press back HOME O Lord I hold a prayer
Times when the thoughts flow into words, times when my thoughts run into "keypad" and are stuck !!
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