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Share A Drop - Of Love And Life

A class room space is all I need
One hearty meal is all you feed

Hungry tummy & hungry mind

Share a drop of love, be kind

Food with love, I ask not much

Milestone to reach inch by inch

For a life, I want to learn

Morsel of food I yearn......

India has reached Mars. No doubt. But perhaps one peek from Mars and what is seen is the poor hungry children often deprived of food, school, proper sanitation/toilets. They are the future of India, that is the youth, the children and we know the ground reality. At the ground level, the children constituting 35% of population, yet their various issues are yet to be acknowledged at giant scale so as to take that leap in solving the crisis. It could be sanitary issues, illiteracy and importantly undernourishment. According to UNICEF one third of world's malnourished children hail in India.  While, India has 440 million children, home to largest number of children in the world. 

In our India, we are very busy celebrating a socially lesser relevant "Children's Day". It's tuned in synonymous to a ritual now. The outcome of it is a zero in accomplishment with what the hungry child in India gets. A meaningless children's day, where in the most important issues of them hardly hit headlines. Some do not make to a weekly magazine too. What use is that special day where in a bunch of them hardly have food to eat or place to pee.

"When a poor hungry person dies, it is not fault of God. It is fault of you and I who did not give that person what he wanted" - Mother Teresa

We all have heard of mid-day meal schemes in schools. Akshaya Patra is one non profit organisation that has been working parallel with mid day meal schemes in schools. The main goal is to achieve a no school drop out due to hunger. Feed the stomach and then the minds is the mantra.

We have often heard of many stories of people needing helping hand to that road side paper seller or rag picker who earns his meal as well as little peek into books. But, how much does that help. A complete grooming called education can happen in a disciplined fashion in a school and in hand goes the requirement of a morsel of food. We might donate to orphanages, we might help that road side boy. But now, a novel idea is to blog a post. Every such post can feed one sponsored child though Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda. I too have indulged with doing my bit to the needy children in orphanages. Now I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with  Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

Remember this:

In this era of technological advancement, the idea of channelizing the promotion of curbing the cause of class room hunger, via social media is worthy of taking an awe for. Now apart from social and  moral responsibility of helping and poor, we also take note of Bloggers Social Responsibility
A thank you note to BlogAdda for bringing up a worthy idea for a noble cause initiated by Akshaya Patra

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill


  1. Akshay Patra is a laudable endeavor Sushma. Kudos for your initiative to blog about it.

    1. Interesting thing called blogger social responsibility that is initiated by blog adda :)

  2. Appreciate your efforts.
    Very well expressed thoughts..

    1. Trying my best..if that helps a child really

  3. Very well penned and addresses the core issues of hunger and poverty!


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