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Name Game - It's All In A Name - From The "Shy Girl Of Manipal"

That book you write, not read. That road, with return none, only lead. That lane you walk, not run. Life with pain, still is fun. Life with no name, Sounds dull & lame. Fancy naming a new born after a popular Bollywood or Hollywood star? Please do so. What's in a name? Bang onto "What's not in a name?". Remember you might hit a jackpot sometime when bizarre airways offer concessions to selected popular Bollywood character names. Recently the Virgin Atlantic Airways that threw away exciting offers to "filmi named" people. Behold- now say what's in a name? Whether of much use or not, I did muse upon the options on, what if I was named after some "Simran- sanorita"; the popular "pooja beti" the Yash Chopra's Madhuri Dixit; Priya or the bubbly Rani Mukharjee as Tina in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Aargh, well I love my name. not the airlines! There was a time, my introduction would compulsorily include "shy girl from Manipal!". If that m…

My Mud Toed Princess

The decision was mine! I had paid two hoots to those monstrous mocking  eyes of neighbours tracking me, as my little 22 months plus girl splashed her legs in the muddy rain water flowing across the street of the residential area of Manipal. If, being clean clothed, running around best smelling cosmos garden chasing a butterfly was "nice", fancying the nature's beauty in "ugly form" wasn't a crime. That toddler, today, growing into pre-adolescent times has been maintaining her crown, being "grubby legged". Rains are just one form, that cant withhold her massive love to one the beautiful forms of nature.

One day long ago it was, with heavy down pour, as I stuck to the windows of our house with the little girl, there was an enchanting resonance of melodious mixture of sounds. Aura engulfed by occasional mixing of the sounds of the little one gurgling in thrill and that of water drop off coconut leaves. She had grown talking to the birds in the air, a…

Petals Of Love

Wafting petals of love, Abhors the horrendous wind. She, is a beautiful bloom, Held high & cosy in delicate palm, Now withered, from  glory to gloom. Fret, shall be no mercy, Time lost is irreversible, The new bloom on -looked. Shaky petals of love, Abandoned with time, Marred by the wind, Tackling the destiny. She, is a beautiful "life"!

Love it's divine essence! An ultimate comparison of life with the rain, clouds, or bloom, and so on.... finds never ending prose & poetry.