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Life's True Mime

Strong like Banyan
Deep like Ocean
Beckoning two arms
Rising heart’s alarms

Surrender in there
Love in air
Head on them, did rest
Heavy, with thoughts best

Enchanting, magnetic, moment
Those arms into she went
Life’s agony on a vent
Life it meant.

Messenger of love
Imitating the feathery dove
Those arms checked her in
Breath held, raised chin

Faint smile, her ornament
Temptation to gulp the moment
Possessive embrace
….face to face

Clock ticks on
Moment to stick on
A Time
Life’s true Mime

Twelve, struck the clock
…...she fled, off her time lock
Into her world of cinders
Ella, dreams yet of wonders.

P.S. This poem sure seems romantic, nice. Sure has Cinderella as example. Who does not want to be a Cinderella, awaiting her prince charming? Yet, it's not rare to read about young brides bleeding to death these days, in news. They do not live to dream like Cinderella perhaps...........




  1. Ahh! Everyone has a dream, but one's should not interfere others'. Nice poem :)

    1. I admire critics for their view points. Well, this interference part sounds interesting. I did not notice it myself. Gr8 observation.

  2. very beautifully xpressed

  3. Nice composition. Amazing weave of words.

    1. They were supposed to be simple diction poem. The cause and the projection meant to me. Thanks.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Vaishali. YOur visit makes me excited.

  5. Excellent poem.Only you could do this

  6. I loved your poem, it was a pleasure reading and when social message is taken up by writers thats more good, thanx for sharing!

  7. Excellent ,couldnt imagine better than this


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